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Whats your hair personality - Discover with Giovanni collection today

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Have you ever wondered what your hair personality would be? I know that it's good to stick with a brand once you know it works for you, but i always love to try out new products because you never know what gems you would discover in the market these days.

When Sample Store contacted me to write up a blog review for Giovanna - i'm thrilled because i'm always up to receive free products (oh cheapskate me), and new things to play around with. When you have a boyfriend who loves his hair more than his life, you tend to place more emphasis on your own hair too.

With the huge hoo-ha in the industry these days about how bloggers tend to praise and write the good things about anything just so to be paid, you can't blame me for taking a long time to churn this review out since i wanted to try and make sure the products were really good.

2chic Ultra Moist Shampoo for dry and damaged hair

This was the first range that i tried because i had been using my heat curler every morning and i felt that my hair were becoming crispy and brittle. According the the website, this range helps to:

Conquer dry, damaged hair 
- Replenish hair that feels dull, lifeless and brittle 
- Deep-conditions for deep luster 
- Leaves hair smooth & supple 
- Silkens hair with softness & shine 
- Nourishes with Vitamins & Omega Fatty Acids 
- Helps prevent splits & breaks

It didn't really help much to be honest, and my hair was still pretty dry and damaged. I am not too sure if its because i didn't use the product correctly because i don't really fancy long shower, so usually i just slap some shampoo on my palm and weave it through my hair.

Nevertheless, not really impressed so yeap.

2chic Ultra-volume Shampoo

Some of the benefits as per mentioned on the website for this range includes:

- Builds body without adding weight 
- Plumps & thickens every strand 
- Softens & detangles 
- Prevents dulling build-up 
- Makes hair shiny & bouncy

My expectations went down a little following the first range, reckoning that at the end of the day, it's going to be another 'shampoo' in the mass market. However, started using this for a month and i really like the results of this range! My hair definitely felt softer and much easier to handle, but perhaps the use of argan oil also helped to expedite the showing results. 

Would recommend this to friend - not joking about the thumbs up on these bottles.

2chic Ultra-sleek Shampoo

The next on my list because i see argan oil. I heard from Sijun that it's a really good ingredient to have and that it works, like when you see products with this, you know its good.

Some of the benefits mentioned include:

- Transport your senses as you lather in softness, manageability and glossy radiance 
- Smooth every strand With Brazilian Phyto-Keratin and Moroccan Argan Oil 
- Seduce with shine Banish frizz 
- Discover ultra-sleek vibrancy 
- Safe for color treated hair 

I usually avoid sleek formula because it makes my hair extra oily, but i am pretty keen to see how this goes. Sometimes i feel that i put my hair under extreme challenges by testing their limits, and if they could talk, they must be hating me haha!

Smooth as silk deep moisture

I dont have the chance to try this yet but it's very tempting knowing that there's a thumbs up on the shampoo bottle. Some of the benefits mentioned on the website include:

- Pearlized formula glistens in your hand and transforms hair into a silky palette. 
- Lather and glow while prepping for your best style. 
- Luxurious lather soothes dry, chemically processed hair 
- Cleanses gently for manageable smoothness 
- Calms unruly hair to alleviate frizz Increases shine while smoothing dry or damaged hair 

Would definitely give it a go once i used up the others! :D

With this, i end this blog post. Ultimately, i feel that the brand offers a range of products which suit different hair type and it's important to find a type of shampoo/conditioner which works for your hair personality.

Ever since i started working, i dont have the time to doll up so hair become one of the more vital accessory for me since it can either make or break my look for that day. I try to minimize damage for my hair but yeah, you know the morning rush with girls. Glad that there are products like these to save us and give our tresses their well-deserved nutrients everyday!

Giovanni wide range of hair products are suitable for any hair types and needs If you are interested to give them a go, head down to Watsons, Guardian, major Cold Storage, John Little, BHG and Sasa. 

If you are busy like me and has no time, just go to their E-store Maimee's Corner at www.maimeescorner.com 

Prices ranges from $14.90 - $15.90 , and you can find out more on their website at

With that, good luck with your tresses ladies! :D

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