Saturday, May 31

Kinoshita Japanese Restaurant @ Westgate

Went to westgate the other day to have a really sumptuous dinner with my family. I didn't go to the 5th level before, so when i saw this restaurant, my mum and i were pretty excited because she had been longing for BBQ food for a while, and its japanese food so im excited. LOL!

The restaurant has a range of japanese dishes and serve both Hotpot and BBQ. We ordered the set which comes with BBQ + Hotpot at around $35++ (chicken) and $38++ (seafood) each for a pax, and minimum order is 2pax. There is a choice of black pepper pork, chicken, beef and seafood, so we had chicken and seafood. 

The set comes with appetizer of salmon and chawanmushi - really good. It had been so long since i lasted raw salmon sashimi i almost forgot how it feels like to have them dissolve in your mouth.

We ordered their fried chicken because it looks good and is one of the recommended dish in the restaurant. It's $5+ for 3 pieces.

My dad loves beef and chicken, so we ordered the ala carte for the BBQ and the meat is 

Its a pretty small portion and comes at around $13+ per dish, but its soooo nice. Its like no matter how you cook it, it turns out grea hahah wtf.

This is the seafood + chicken set for the BBQ. Not a lot actually :/ 

Cook cook cook!

Next, we have the hotpot served and it's this humongous wok of goodness with salmon and chicken littered around the mountain of beansprout, onions, garlic and etc. 

There's a lot and a lot of beansprout, and to be honest, i thought it's not that worth for a second try. Sure, trying it for at least once is a good experience, but basically the hotpot consists of mainly beansprouts and more beansprouts so i felt that its really not that great. 

I think it would be excellent for girls having a diet though, but i am not so :/

The set also comes with ramen/porridge (each set), but we heard wrongly and drank the hotpot broth so we skipped the porridge and they gave us a plate of sliced fruits instead.  

Overall, i think i would go back again if i am feeling extremely extravagant that day because for the portion of food, its pretty expensive to me. The service is amazing though because you have Japanese waiters serving you and they bring their renowned service quality from Japan to Singapore and you just feel WOAH, THAT'S DEFINITELY NOT A SINGAPOREAN.

Gelato was having a 1-for-1 cone promotion so i bought one for myself and one for my sister! She was so happy hahahaha.

& thats all for the food adventureeeee. 
No pictures because i look really ugly that day LAWL

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