Thursday, October 9

Lily Nails Salon

Hi everyone! Been some time since i last blogged and as much as there are pictures to be uploaded, i am really, really, REALLY super busy these days. Spent the last weekend with the MUN's people, photoshoot, catching up with SJ after two weeks of intensive activities on his side, drinking session with the secondary school guys and then, revision week. 

Not only these, i also have two project deadlines coming up and one test this coming Saturday and next Monday. Coincidental or what, my mum's birthday also falls on this week and my anniversary with SJ also happens to be ... tomorrow.

Feeling really guilty about not spending as much time as i would like to for my revision but there are so many deterring factors .. or maybe, even excuses on my own side. I just hope that time would be on my side and i can get to real work ASAP.

(Home doesn't seems to work well too since all i wanna do is to bully my sister when i'm at home lol)

Whipped up a mini post today for ya'll today!

I did my virgin gelish nails for my 21st birthday because i always wanted to have nails like that (blame instagram and the tons of bloggers i follow). I went to my neighborhood to check out prices and its all like super expensive. Say $32 for gel ONLY. Like just color and gel, that's it. Frigging expensive?!

So i went on to google on cheap gelish nails in SG and finally, saw this nail parlor called

Lily Nails Salon 
3 New Bugis Street #03-135
Singapore 188867
Tel: 6338 4131

They have a facebook page as well so you might want to check that out after running a google search.

The thing is that, their services are really affordable. As compared to the ones which i had been asking around, their gelish was $16 only. Ok, maybe its expensive to some people but i think its really ok as compared to the prices some nails parlor offers? ($50+ wtf). 

I saw a design that constituted of stripes and all on instagram, but its expensive because apparently its harder to draw such thin lines as compared to anchors ..? LOL, i mean i don't study nail art so i don't have the rights to say anything also lah.

I did this pair of nails - full 10 fingers and classic pedicure for a total of $63! My nails was around $55, so thats $5.50 per nail. Ok still expensive because thats roughly how much i would spent a day for drinks and some snacks during school day. But its my 21st birthday so i was like YOLO.

Not paid in any ways, but i do understand that some people out there DO wanna have their nails nicely done once in a while but doesn't has that much of spare cash to do so. So i think if you really wanna 'splurge' in a sense, you can try this place! Its not bad and they have some prefixed templates for you to choose if what you wanna do is outta budget LOL.

Ok, that's it for now. I shall blog again realllyyy soon, probably after i submitted all my projects at least. Till then! :D

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