Monday, March 28

Food review: Nakajima Suisan Grilled Fish

Hi all, back with a food review on one of my fave food places in Town (albeit the waiting time is a huge deterrence at times).

Ta-daa, Nakajima Suisan Grilled Fish!

It's located at the far end of Takashimaya Food Basement so it's rather hidden from the crowd if you don't know this place - around the area with loads of open-air restaurants sitting around lah.

Their signature dish - not too sure which one, but from the price list above i figured its the Ginhirasu Saikyo Set ($13.50)

Comes as a set with rice, tofu, salad, miso soup and the selected fish + free flow hot tea

Super tender, super nice and very sweet. It leaves a very juicy after-taste even though my fish is slightly charred today.

SJ's Salmon set ($13.50), which also comes with the same side dish and free flow hot tea.

His salmon is so good!!! I don't usually like smoked salmon or cooked ones because i feel that it's very hard to get the taste right for this fish species. But this restaurant did it and outshine the other cooked salmon i ate from other places. Definitely a must-try if you are here.

Hokke from the last visit haha, found this picture hidden in my stash of much over-dued pictures on my computer.

I like this a lot too, but i think the one over at Ootoya have my heart more. But this is like half the price but not half the taste, maybe 1 point below Ootoya? 

So i think okay lah not bad also, when you feeling rich but actually poor, can come here hahhahahaha

Not a bad place for no-fuss lunch or if you are simply looking for great japanese food at affordable price. The queue can be very horrible - even seats for 2 takes 30-45 mins of waiting (you have to be physically there, and you can only queue after you have paid so its kinda like you commit to this relationship and you cannot leave unless you want to forfeit your $$)

Would recommend to go in small groups and keep to 2-4 people when heading over during lunch/dinner time. Nevertheless, the queue is pretty worth it (unless its over 30 mins then nope for me).

#B2-01-1, Takashimaya Food Hall (391A Orchard Rd)

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