Tuesday, December 30

Bangkok - Beberry Beauty Nails Spa

You know when someone says Bangkok! & girls would go 


Oh yeah, you got it. I am one of those girls alright, lol

Ok so basically, when i went to Bangkok, i had in my mind to do up my nails with the theme 
'Alice in wonderland' because i am a huge huge fan of that series. 

I downloaded Pinterest to have a vague idea of what i wanted, so here's some of my 'inspirations' from the application and you can check out the rest here as well! :)

Sooo, are you ready for my design? :)

Absolutely love for this set of nails done by my manucurist! She took a whole of 2 hours to finish everything but she handpainted each nail and she even re-did 'Alice' because she didn't like it.


The best part? It was only 1100 baht (S$44).

Gel - 500 baht
Design - 500 baht
Removal of gel nails - 100 baht

Do you know that if this set of nails were to be done in SG, it would cost at least $80 and above, even if its done at Lily Nails, which is the cheapest nail salon i managed to find in SG? That's how expensive nail art can get over here at SG.

My picture probably didn't do justice to the entire set of nails, but its really amazingly done. 
I don't love it, i adore it.
Even SJ (a guy) was pleasantly surprised by the exquisiteness of each nail!

I read about this place from this blogger over here so if you want to know more about the environment and the nail polishes which they use, you can read it from there!

I lifted some pictures from their facebook just so that this post would't end up looking too 'empty' lol

Their chairs are massage chairs LOL so you can have your massage whilst people fuss over your nails like a queen/king.

They also provide waxing services, as well as eyelash extension (of which my friend, Karen did for a promotional price of 700 baht during their december promotion) and it's so so delicate-looking and pretty. In fact, i feel that they did it better than Take care beauty salon, which i went to because it was very much raved by other SG bloggers. & i did it for 1500 baht sia LOL

I mean 1500 is still cheap, but i really think that its not as good as my friend's :(

Karen (far left) with her eyelash extension. 
Super chio right?!

& this is mine. I think its not very obvious even though i told her that i wanted it to be dolly-like :(
Maybe she don't understand what i'm saying LOL.

P.S/ I did mine at another place, not over at Beberry

I highly recommend this place to anyone who's looking for nail art, waxing or eyelash extension services because their service and skill is <3

I have no idea why everyone goes to MBK and Siam XXX for nails when it is so overpriced?! I mean, those places had long been converted into a tourist spot so people would had expect that the prices would be jack up along with its reputation.

Bad point only being that it's pretty far off from Platinum area so hailing a taxi there is a pain. We took a taxi from Thong Lo the first time round after brunch so i would recommend you to go there from someone other than Platinum because nobody wants to go there at all. 


Address of the place

  • Bangkok, Thailand 10240

Lastly, good news to all my readers!
Beberry Beauty Nails Spa is currently extending a 10% discount exclusively to my readers for all eyelash extension services

Simply show this blog post, along with the picture below

You can find them over at

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/beberrybeautynailsspa
Website: www.beberrynailspa.com
Address: Yothinpathana Bangkok
Telephone number: +66 2 149 4629
Opening Hours: 10am - 8pm

I would recommend that everyone call in to reserve beforehand just to make sure that it's not a wasted trip!

I'm so going back for all my nail and eyelash extension stuffs the next time i'm back at Bangkok!


  1. Thank you so much for a beautiful blog.. We hope to see you soon , so over whelm with all the compliments!!! We are now starting to have our Spa products sell at our shop!! A very good ideas for Souvenir from Thailand!!! Luv luv!!

    1. Love love love your place - cant wait to go back again when im in bangkok!