Saturday, January 25

Favorite stores on Taobao + Tips!

Update// Hi guys! I have since updated all Taobao related posts with more ACTUAL pictures of the clothes that i bought and not just sites and URLS (SORRY I WAS A NEWBIE).

Just search until the label 'Taobao' or simply click HERE


Hi, back with another entry. I hope that the 40 days challenge sorta things would get you entertained at least when you visit my blog and wanna read something. In any case, went out with Xinni yesterday for CNY shopping and i bought so many stuffs LOL. My most expensive buy would probably be a Charles and Keith heels, but i really love it. My mum says that its too matured for me, but i think its ok leh!

Cant show you guys pictures now cause its not CNY yet and i wanna wear it as something new! LOL. Traditional much yes i know. Nvm lah <3

I had friends asking me how to search for nice clothes on Taobao because they cant seem to find any nice ones when they go onto the site! So i thought i might just wanna share some tips with you people :D

1. Use keywords for styles that you like. For instance, i had been pretty much into American street style these days, so i would use words like “欧美” “美国” ,and when i wanna go more into Japanese and Korean style, i would use words like “日系” “韩系” 。Likewise, when i am looking for specific brands, i would just type in the brand names like "Topshop" "ASOS" "Nasty Gal" etc.

2. Sort according to popularity. 

When you sort according to popularity, you have a higher chance of seeing less shitty clothes because basically you are only looking at things people think its nice too. But of course, sellers can buy "popularity" on this website, but its still a good filter!

3. Last but not least, just simply browse around the shop for their clothes and link from this shop to another shop and to another shop for similar clothes and such! 

I don't really like to buy expensive clothes from Taobao because i feel that it is a huge waste of money. Plus, its a china website, what's the point of buying expensive stuffs from there?! Usually for me, i would go to lookbook.nu and blogshops to search for inspirations and clothes before going to Taobao and buy them. You know all those Zara Skorts that blogshops are selling for $20+ ? I bought mine at RMB39, which is around $8, and the quality is pretty good. 

That's why i don't really shop at blogshops anymore :/ Too expensive!

Ending this post with some of my favorite stores!

Eyelashes: http://yokijie.taobao.com , http://loveyelash.taobao.com/

Clothes: http://shop67598961.taobao.com , http://laia15.taobao.com, http://haoduoyifs.tmall.com/

Accessories: http://fashionjewelry.taobao.com/

You can also download the taobao app and shop whenever you are free. HAHA, SUPER ADDICTIVE.

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