Sunday, March 13

The Seacare hotel, Common man coffee roaster and random

My frequency at blogging seems to have dropped from once per week to once per month. Currently chilling at The Book Cafe @ 20 Martin Road with Sijun because he needs to study for a test. Funny how a year ago it would had been me studying and him using his phone and/or sleeping.

Nothing much to elaborate on work, busy as usual. It's getting better now because the peak period for my main account is dropping, but then again, you never know when it comes to prints. 

Usual Girls night out with my ladies whenever we are all back and gathered in SG. I think i am currently at the age whereby you have lots of friends going everywhere and subsequently either coming back or settling long term at other countries. 

We always go to Zouk because we went to other clubs before and it wasn't very nice. & yes, we pay for our own cover charge because #independentwoman ! Hahha no la, cause we rarely club too so the occasional expense is alright.

We stayed at 'The Seacare Hotel' this time round, a 15 mins walk away from Zouk and it cost us around $120 with a Queen-size bed and do-able room size. There is this like 'dirty KTV/bar' at the hotel itself and the patrons there were pretty er, non-traditional uncles.\

I wouldn't recommend this hotel to girls who are going to be dead drunk after a nights out because its SG but still, i just don't think its very safe for girls, nonetheless when you are drunk.

Great night just like always, lots of fun and even though some of them got hit on by guys, we stayed together and went back together lol. Girls night out yoz.

Went to Common Man Coffee Roaster cafe the next day with Cassia because i've been wanting to try their food and check out the place for the longest time. We reached at around 1+ and there's already quite a crowd in there.

But i really love the decoration and the whole vibe of the place. Very 'brunch-y' because there are lots of people chit-chatting and the whole place just gives off a very laid back atmosphere.

Definitely recommend if anyone is up for brunch around this area.

The French toast is really good, Breakfast so-so. Love their cafe latte, one of the better ones i've tasted around cafes, minus Coasta coffee which is still #1 in my heart <3

Alrighty, i will try to blog more yeah. I've actually also been thinking of getting inked because YOLO and why not?

I think being at the advertising industry is starting to have an impact on me - all the drinking, partying and also the expression of art. I mean i am not entirely doing all these now, but i am starting to think that it might be fun to do all these.

Puberty came late? But then again, working till damn late everyday so also no time to go and do these stuff LOL.

Okay, catch yall in this space soon!

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