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Bangkok - True Love Cafe (Husky Dog Cafe)


I'm finally back on this space after a week of holiday-ing (much needed!) over at Bangkok. This week had been absolutely lovely and even though i'm in BKK, there had been this 
"The Big Gushcloud Expose" 
going on all over the internet which really entertained me (in a sense) when i can't sleep at night.

OK, so back to Bangkok.

Bangkok was awesome and i loveeee that place so much (i became so much fatter fml) and everything is cheapcheap! (i super cheapskate so Platinum Mall was too expensive for me haha)

There are plenty and plenty of  posts and information about Bangkok going around the net so i'm not going to talk much about that but more on the places which aren't really talked about but i think are really, really good. Of course, i was super touristy and went to the recommended places such as 'Platinum Wholesale Market', 'After You cafe' and stuffs like that as well.

Would be dividing the entire trip into three main sections, mainly




I would be uploading them more over the week after i edit the pictures lah!

BUTTTTTTTT, I cant wait any longer &

I have to recommend this place to anyone who's a

1. Dogs lover
2. Plan to visit BKK any time sooner

Presenting to you (my favorite take-away from the entire trip)


I was researching on dogs cafe prior to the trip and stumbled on this - it's amazing. The cafe has a total of 17-24 Siberian Huskies (i cant rmb the exact number) and a Pom x Spitz (Momo!). I told SJ that i wanted to go, so we go lor! hahahahaha
He also like dogs a lot so he was pretty hype about it also lah.

We took the BTS because traffic in BKK is batshit crazy at bad days. I read about the cafe on this website , and the nearest station was Sanam Pao, but i think Ari station is nearer. We took a taxi to the place because its pretty far in (think fish farms concepts and all, but more towards landed property)

We paid around 50baht for it (with tips!) if i'm not wrong. 
BTS was definitely under 50baht per person as well from Siam station > Sanam Pao station.

The wonderful sight that greeted us /lovestrucked
I'm still super happy that i decided to go ahead with this cafe, even now when i'm typing this!!

The cafe has 3 time slots per day for guests to get up close with the dogs, mainly

1.30 - 2.15
4.30 - 6.00
8.00 - 9.15

We didn't make any reservations and its a pretty small cafe so the seats were limited.We were super lucky to have gotten a seat, but i would highly recommend you to reserve seats if you are traveling with a large of people!

Be sure to reach around 15 mins earlier because there's a briefing by the cafe owner and introduction to the dogs and their individual characteristics and temperament, and you don't wanna miss that.

The cafe do not collect entrance fee, but you have to (compulsory) get a set of either dessert, main or main+dessert per head. 

SJ and I had lunch beforehand so we settled for the dessert set (290 baht). 
It comes with a dessert of your choice and a drink
You can stay as long as you wish in the cafe upon ordering any of the three sets.

You can choose either ice cream or cake, but we went along with the latter.

SJ's was tiramisu and mine's oreo cheesecake! It comes with a drink as well and their milk tea is niceeeeeee

& the real fun begins! 

It's so aww-inducing because all the dogs are super cute and fluffy! My fave dog (despite it being a Siberian Husky Cafe) is Momo!! She's super cute hehhe, i don't know why but i'm just super attracted to her like awww <333

I kept going to her and wanting to take selfies with her, perhaps too much to her annoyance LOL

& then she walk away!! 
She dissed me :(

I was so sad lah, and i kept going like
"Momo come back right now!!" 

and she totally IGNORE me :(

But i managed to 'capture' her in the end with the help of the staff HAHA
There are three enclosures in the petting area because apparently the different 'gangs' are enemies?! 


But yeah, so if you want to enter/leave the enclosure, you have to inform the extremely friendly staff of the cafe and they would gladly help you with it! :)

Okay so back to the Huskies hehehe

Probably SJ's fave dog because it reminds him of Tigger haha! 
This cutie pie is only 9 months, but extremely huge (though timid) but so cuteeeeee

These two huskies are like super pretteh?!?! Their fur damn nice omg
But for some reason we are unable to go into their enclosures :(
Very sad T^T

Hehe this Husky super cute! She/He started to play with 2 other huskies and the staff had to separate them because it was getting a little too heated up LOL! So playful lah!

SJ working his magic sleep-inducing fingers on these doggies

He probz likes our massage so he decided to grant us a selfie hehe

"Ok enough, humans"


If the dogs can talk, i'm pretty sure they would tell me to go away :(

Ok this one super cute. SJ was rubbing his tummy and he loves it so much that when he removes his hand,,

he pushes it back again!!

SO KAWAII PLEASE <333333333333333333

& there's Momo trying to steal my heart again 

The dogs were let out afterwards and all of them ran inside a house (for food or to rest perhaps) and it was chaoticcccc hahahah. 

But nevertheless, all the dogs are really friendly and many of them are docile and well-behaved around humans. Ok maybe for this default-looking husky which bit me a little :( 

It's a gentle bite though, so nothing to worry about it you are semi scared of dogs

Went to their toilet and took a selfie hahha.

Ended the day with a photo of the cafe and it's logo!
Took a tutu back to the train station for 40 baht!

Love this place a lot and i really recommend anyone who loves dogs to visit this place.
The dogs look so happy and healthy and most of the time, there are at least 3 staff around should you need any help.

The cafe is big on hygiene as well, and i really can feel the love and care the owner has for all these dogs despite it being commercialized as a dog cafe? 

The petting time was such a great idea because the dogs all look ready to mingle hoho and active, in a sense, so most of the time you are entertained by them haha

But they quite lazy LOL! Keep lazing around
(Momo its ok, i won't judge you)

So that's all for this, and do leave a comment should you need help! I shall plaster this here

True Love Café, 153 Paholyothin Soi Ari Samphan 2 Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 090-101-9669
BTS: Ari Station

Opening hours : Tuesday to Sunday | Noon to 12pm

Have a great day ahead and i would be blogging about this nail salon 
which is a definite gem in Bangkok


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