Friday, July 17

Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover

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Hey guys! Here to share a brand which all of you are definitely familiar with - that's right, Biore! Would be reviewing its new Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover so if you are interested to purchase this product, do read on.

 In an attempt for the lack of visual appeal due to my lack of time, materials and my overbearing tiredness from work each day, i will make it up by providing a very informative and realistic review on this product if you are thinking whether to buy this, or not.

A brief introduction - he new BiorĂ© Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover, with its revolutionary jelly-like texture, comes in an even smoother, lighter consistency but with the same high cleansing ability that effortlessly dissolves and lifts off more makeup in a gentle glide. 

The improved product gives you more benefits, such as:

• Gentle and rinses off easily and quickly
• High cleansing ability which dissolves and lifts off all traces of makeup effortlessly
• 40% more moisturizing essence to nourish and hydrate skin
• Lightweight = no sticky or greasy after-feel

Its also super easy to use!

Ok guys, i'm sorry that my drawing is like shit but basically its the basic few
- eyebrow pencil
- mascara
- eyeliner
- lipstick (the cheeks!)

1. Appropriate amount (I like to uses 3 pumps) onto hand and spread evenly over face/eye
 The makeup remover comes in such a form whereby its thicker than normal makeup remover (i usually uses water-based ones). 
It feels pretty weird at first, but after a while of getting used to it, it's ok

2. Rinse throughoutly with water
 Simply rub it across your face like how you would during a face wash and viola!

So basically, after you are done, the makeup just goes off and you are clean and good to go! Personally, i'm sold. Its amazing that it can remove my eyeliner in one go, even though i did not rub it as hard as i would with my previous makeup remover!
However, you might note that the lipstick did not come off clean like the other products - perhaps the color? But i don't really care that much about removing my lipstick completely (oops) so its fine with me. Plus i don't usually wear such loud colors out lol!

3. Apply on dry face & hands for best result
This is pretty easy to follow, just do it before you do other stuffs.
I usually uses 3 pumps for a basic makeup so yeap, accordingly to the 'thickness' of your makeup at that point of time?


Would definitely buy this again! My face felt 'un-cleaned' the first few times when i used it and i honestly did consider scraping it off as a substitute but hey hey hey, i'm sold after a few more tries. FYI, by the time you read this post, i have already used half a bottle of this makeup remover LOL

If you wish to purchase this product, simply hop on to
> All leading supermarkets, personal care stores and western pharmacies & departmental stores 
> Retail Price: $24.90/230ml
I think this can last for quite long because you don't need lots of pumps to remove all the make up? In any case, its suitable for all skin types so no worries on the sensitivity and all that!

That's all for today, would be updating more!

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