Monday, July 6

Tanuki Raw - A review

Decided to give Tanuki Raw a go because i've heard loads of reviews about it and the other time we walked pass it, it has a long queue of people lining up for their food.

Reached there at around 6.15pm so its better, we waited for around 5 minutes because we wanted to sit indoors instead of outdoors.

5pm - 8pm = Happy Hours!

We ordered 6 oysters (limit to this per alcoholic drink ordered) and it's goodddd. Not amazing amazing, but amazing good. So perhaps a 2nd tier delicious-ness (does such a word exist lol) for me. I still love the ones from Sunset Way - their oysters are divine.

Oysters are at $2 each during happy hours

We did not want to order any alcoholic drinks in the beginning because its pretty expensive to buy something of that amount for $10?

In the end, because we really wanted the oysters, we forgo the rockstar sushi rolls and went for this honey sake as recommended by the waiter.


Really recommend everyone to try this out if you are popping over Tanuki Raw :D

Tried their signature beef don which reminds me of the one Ikumi made for the Shokugeki with Soma. I love the beef - so so so delicious! The beef is very tender and soft, super good.

But the rice was pretty substandard. I dont think it goes well with the entire dish. The egg doesn't complement the rice, and the rice is pretty ... meh? Even white rice would be better to be honest. But of course, its just my personal opinion.

Selfie to end of the post! We spent a total of $44 in total for the entire meal, inclusive of service charge (10%). There's no GST so yupp - or maybe its inclusive in the prices stated on the menu?

Regardless, really like the service here but it seems a little rushed if you are looking for a romantic dinner with your partner. I would say this place is good for small groups/couples due to the space, but don't expect a romantic ambience or whatsnot.  Its more of a like a fuss free dinner with food served up quick - kinda like a mid class diner?

Time flyyyy and we've been together for a good 1000 days already. I know it sounds pretty weird when you look at it like this, but haha, i always have this 'woah-ness' about being together with your partner for 1000 days. Something like 1001 Night - that arabian style storybook or something?

Would write more personal entries instead of advertorials/sponsored posts! :D
I try

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  1. It all looks so so lovely! I love places like this!

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