Tuesday, July 21

Horrible lack of updates

As directly lifted from my blog title 
"Horrible lack of updates"

Hey guys, it's been approx 2 weeks into life as a working adult and i finally understand why adults are always reminiscing about their school life - lesser on the lack of $, but more on the time & energy you have to do things you wanna do

My working hours are actually pretty decent ; 9.30am - 6.30am and everyone is pretty flexible with the hours as long as you get your work done. The people are nice and there isn't office politics, but i'm an intern and i'm pretty new so it's hard to conclude fast as well.

I'm gonna keep that part of my life private since technically writing all these online might jolly well land me in hot waters if any of bosses/colleagues find what i write offensive. But guys, if you are reading this - just remember that this blog is an outlet for my emotions, and it stems from pure love for writing and that's thats.

In any case, time to update on the more private portion of my life!

July has been hectic, lest the new job, but more on how Cassia returned from Aussie and everyone had been trying to catch up as much as possible this month. She's only back for a really short while so it's quite sad, but at least she's gonna be back for Christmas again!

Cassia went to HK and bought these chocolates in condom shapes for us. Mum say it just now and gave me a wtf is this look LOL. I'm like 


& i know she thought that its a condom which is choco flavoured hahahah omg.

Junli made these which are really good and YT was super supportive of it LOL

Cassia's new house is damn nice, like super airbnb worthy. Its over at this condo called 
"The rainforest"

over at CCK area, and its pretty new. But the architecture and all is like woah, damn nice. 
super love the place

From here on are like all camwhores, and some pictures of me with bad hair. I've been trying to shift my hairline further down to make way for more fringe and go for the side swept look, but its failing like mad.

My fringe gets oily still, especially during hotter days. Been relying on dry shampoos these days which works BUT i have to spray them on (a lot) before my hair starts to get oily.

Damn troublesome.

Cassia's dog - Yuki

Hahahah the dog look damn cute here LOL

The whole gang at evening. I dragged SJ along because he knew them anyway and i wanted him to mingle and get to know my friends just like how i know his friends! Though he was very tired cause he woke up early to cook spag and tuition obligations


& some love from Milk tea and me for the coming week.
Its SJ's birthday this coming Friday and i booked a staycation for us over the weekends!

Yay to dogs and their wonderful existence


  1. Lovely post! The chocolate condoms are so funny!
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