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Skin Shaper Club

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Really excited to start this blog post because i really love and personally attest to their skin program! Today, i would be introducing to you Skin Shaper Club, an aesthetics medispa to help ease your skin problems without having to compromise your busy schedule.

Firstly, a brief introduction on the skin salon. It's located at the heart of town (Orchard central) so it's convenient, fairly i guess, for everyone to simply pop in and out on weekdays and weekends. 

Really elated to be able to try out their services, and the program which i went for is their 
Skin Shaper Facial (30mins)

Each session lasts for around 30-40 mins, but most of the time i manage to finish within the time frame (except the times i'm late .. lol)

Timeline of the 4 sessions

For my first session, it took longer because the therapist had to do a consultation with me which includes 

- filling up my particulars, 
- doing a body size/age analysis for me (in the case that you wish to take up their body programs, you do not have to go through this entire procedure again), 
- Signing relevant documents and going through the procedure with you

This took up a good 10-15 mins, so do head down early for your first session!

Timeline of each session

1. The therapists will first cleanse your skin to prep it for the Light therapy treatment

2. Starts to inject light and thermal energy to breakdown melanin, promote collagen regeneration, as well as to clear inflammatory acne. According to my therapists, it also helps a little in shaping your face!

3. Mask, followed by all the relevant serums/sunblock etc to feed your skin :D

4. Head over to the club lounge (selective members) to enjoy some snacks/light food and refreshments, as well as to tidy up/re-apply makeup etc etc.

I loveeee the idea of the club lounge because my hair looks like crap each time i finish the session. Blame it on oily and crappy hair DNA :( The club lounge really makes everything so much easier, plus Jasmine always gives me delicious and yet healthy food to eat after each sessions!<3

Picture Tour 

Along the corridor of the place // Even though its not as huge as some other aesthetics medispa, i do feel that it's enough and not too small or space constraint. It has 1 consultation room, 2 treatment room and 1 club lounge (which is the biggest lol!)

Club Lounge

This is the view that you would be enjoying whilst eating the complimentary food the therapists prepared while you are doing your mask. It faces KPO so yeap, pretty cool. & super good to take selfie at because natural sunlight duh

A small area which is segmented with a curtain for you to tidy up and freshen up after the facial sessions


This was what Jasmine made for me during the first session, and the congee is really good. 

Second session which consists of chawanmushi with some other delectable side dishes. 


I think its pretty apparent that my face did improve, but only because i attended each session diligently, did masks on a regular basis and also became more hardworking with my day and night skincare routine. Perhaps you can put this in a way that i don't want these results to disappear and i wanted to 'keep it up'.

 In fact, there are times whereby i only do my brows, eyes and lips but my friends thought that i slapped on BB cream/foundation - which i didn't at all!

I also felt more confident going out without BB cream/foundation which really makes things easier since i can save some time and use it on other stuffs (like choosing what to wear haha)

The therapists did told me however, that they usually recommend customers to go for 6-8 weekly treatments before rendering to 1 treatment each month. So i think its important that you do not see this as a magic pill but a slow build-up towards better skin :)


Nothing on except for brows and eyes!

And that's me and my therapist, Jasmine! Its a very friendly place and she's like a mother (in a good way), like asking if you did masks, and exfoliate etc etc. Plus, when she saw that my lips were cracked, she applied lip balm for me (which was out of her job scope)! 

I think its the personal touch here which makes it different from other aesthetics medispa, and it should keep it that way. Its so important to have good service staff because even if you have the best of everything, if your employees cannot deliver 'em, its still useless.

Shout-out to all readers

Personally, i do advocate and recommend this aesthetics medispa to my friends around me because i feel that it do work and their trial sessions are pretty ok for the results you get. 

Right now, Skin Shaper Club is offering trial sessions for my readers at pretty decent prices! If you are interested or wish to find out more, simply fill up the form i have attached below :)

Please note that this is only applicable for new customers, and for readers who have already tried the program and wish to continue, click here for the form for exclusive offer just for you! :D

Bright + Clear + Firm Sampler Program at $96

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