Thursday, June 18

[P] laces I've been to // [T] hings i had done

Hey hey, so basically i'm (still) done with fever and its the 4th day already. Kinda sian about this because i do feel okay, just more lethargic and 'feverish', especially during the night. Went to the doctor and she said that my body is probably fighting a viral infection now, but it's been quite a while now so ... body ah, win or lose?

Win jiu let me be fine, lose jiu let me fall sick and lose some weight as collateral benefit lahhhh

Cant believe im saying this LOL but you know, i actually like falling sick because i can lose weight (that mentality is gonna kill me one day, i know) but this time round, my weight stays stagnant ...

Kinda disappointed and sad! LOL
Ok but enough about that - so here's on to today's topic and a feeble attempt at trying to have more updates on this space :D

Cooking salmon with bread crumbs

The other day i saw some recipes on Pinterest and i wanted to make them with SJ. Turns out it was ok-ok, not very nice but not bad either. I guess i like my salmon raw still!

But it looks good right? HAHA, i think i have taken up an interest with cooking ever since i see SJ's passion for Italian cuisine (Pasta in general) and the wonders of Pinterest. 

Working at Blu Jaz with Violet

I think this was after my SM paper, when i feel super sad because i really thought that i am gonna fail the module. But thanks Violet for working with me and making the night a less boring! 

Mother's Day Lunch

Simple lunch with the family and it was kinda like an impromptu gathering as well. Decided on 'Dian xiao er' over at Lot 1 because the original place was full house LOL. But the food's good and it was nice to have everyone sit together for lunch! :)

Heading out with SJ as usual

Went out with SJ during the weekends and as usual, its mostly just shopping and goofing around. I wore a new top which i bought on carousell and it was Mango top. But wtf, i didn't know it was open sleeves, and the seller just CONVENIENTLY left it out. Much selfish and motive. 

I was super angry but decided not to confront her or ask for a refund since mum and SJ say that its nice and add an unique touch to the entire look. 


Because i wanna revamp my room! LOL, but its still so undone. IKEA stuffs are not expensive, but its not cheap either. Plus most of the stuffs require you to install them yourself sooooo,,,

SJ has a thing for sunglasses (or anything that i deemed unnecessary in SG but he likes it lah)

Look at how friggin fat my cheeks are - the sunglasses is literally melting into my cheeks lol wtf 

SO MUCH IKEA FOOD WOO HOO. Im salivating even though i'm sick. I really pig wtf

Sista's unglam moments


Zoo with family

Sister wanted to go to zoo so we decided to have a family zoo outing. Went to carousell for cheaper tickets and went for a whole day zoo trip. Super tiring omg, old liao.


Scouting over at Kino last weekend and ended with up this choices hoho, or maybe just because i'm attracted to the cover page which looks super good. Im back into the crazy craze of anime and manga but yeah, still lacking interests when it comes to cosplay. I guess the drama really tire me out. 

I'm just glad that i kept in contact with some of the friends i made from that circle and we still talk and stuffs. 

Alrights, end of today's useless post. I hope you like it

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