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Review - My Dining Room // June's muse

Hi! Its gonna be July soon and i'm really excited that SJ's ORD date is getting closer and closer. But of course, also the motivation to find a job and my official convocation in August as a university graduate. 

Went for interview today, albeit its for an internship. They told me that earliest they would get back to me by tomorrow, and latest by this week. Fingers crossed i get the job! I'm pretty sick of staying at home and nua-ing like some potatoes.

In any case, my family and i celebrated my dad's birthday in lieu with father's day over at My Dining Room, which is really because my mum bought the Groupon voucher for this place. Its $148 for a 9-course meal and we brought my grandmother and le maid along, haha.

Setting wise, i feel that its pretty elegant and classy for social gatherings, company dinners or even family dinners. I really love the entire decoration of the place because it exudes a particular sense of expensive dinner even though we did not pay that much lol

These are the dishes served for our 9-course dinner meal (excluding the dessert) and i love the layout and presentation of the food! They pretty much served us with accordance to the number of people present (i guess a way to save $$? Cause if you were to serve a dish, there's a set of prawns inside and if there's only 2 people, you kinda 'lose out'?)

Zoom in on the waitress dissecting the duck for us LOL. 
Yeap, this course comes with a Peking duck! But i still love Beijing's de most - its unbeatable

Not shark fins #savethesharks , but more of sea cucumber and whatsnot

This is the same duck which we ate the skin of


Overall, really love the service rendered to us! The waitresses were very attentive and meticulous despite the crowd during the peak hours. They were also fast and friendly with their attitude and that really makes my day! :D

Super recommend to anyone who's looking for a place which is affordable and yet kinda 'formal' in a sense for good food and HK Cantonese cuisine? 



3 Temasek Boulevard #02-314/316 
Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983

Meal includes:

Claypot herbal drunken live prawns 
Roasted Peking duck 
Thick soup with sea cucumber and fish maw 
Braised fresh 6-head abalone with wild mushrooms 
Traditional steamed sea fish fillet 
Sautéed duck meat with ginger onion and XO chilli sauce 
Poached seasonal vegetable with bean dough in superior stock 
Stewed ee-fu noodle 
Dessert of the day

Click > Groupon voucher 

Back on the day, it was kinda like a family day for us and it was really enjoyable because i get to hang out with my grandmother and my family over at town (really rare since we dont have a car)

My grandmother whom i lived with since 5 years old - 12 years old. Those were the times whereby i would head to the coffee shop with her every morning to eat breakfast and play with her friends' grandchildren over at the nearby playground. Going over to this shop which sells all the small tidbits and toys, and forever taking $2 from her to buy this, buy that.

My grandfather, whom had passed away, walking all the way to my school just because i forgot to bring that particular book (and he lugged everything to me because he doesn't know English and Chinese)

Now that i think about it, i do really act like a spoilt brat when i was younger. I took many things for granted and i expected them to treat me like this because they are my grandparents and hence should treat me like this. 

I still think this way at times when i hear about my friends' parents voluntarily giving them money when they head overseas, or buying things for them because their original items are faulty. In retrospect, my parents expect me to pay for my own trips and most of the luxury stuffs that i own now (that includes handphone, camera, clothes, offering to pay for drinks when i am out with them every now and then etc) 

I do feel unjustified at times and even lament at my own family culture, but i realized that it made me independent against people of my age. My aunt and uncle spoils me a lot when i was young, and practically buy anything and everything i want despite the price. Unconsciously, it shaped my behavior and i projected this concept on friends and strangers as well. 

Its hard when your friends have parents who would slog and do anything for them (some lah, not all), or just buy them stuffs. I'm not saying that i'm damn poor or that my parents just don't care about me, because my mum and dad does ok. Its just that with the financial capacity of my family, its hard for them to do anything over their basic expenses.

Yeah but to be honest, i am glad i went through all that because i can definitely survive the high and lows in my life now. 

The experience forced me to save and always have a Plan B, and to think of all critical risks/potential problems that will arise and weave a safety net before it happens. It probably made me much more independent and in control of my life.

If i want something, i have to do it myself. 
There's no other ways, you only have yourself - you are your own best bet.

Ah, late night muse. I hope you enjoy the review and pictures of the restaurant's though! I definitely love it and would recommend to anyone who wish to give HK Cantonese cuisine a try to visit this cosy place. 

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