Wednesday, February 17

It's been a while

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Its been a while since i last blogged on this platform because of work and personal commitments.

I really hope i can revive this space because writing has always been an efficient outlet for me to relieve stress and such.

In any case, life's been the same mostly but CNY has been great!

As per normal, there's the reunion dinner followed by days of visiting. It's much tighter for me this year because i was invited to some friends' house for CNY and gathering. Also visited SJ's grandparents (all the way at Hougang) so it can get a little tricky on the distance part.

I think i happiest on Day 1 because my make up on point, even though the top was bigger than i expected it to. Bought the smaller size but seems that i am stuck with this because nobody is offering me anything on carousell. #xiaosad

SJ's parents invited me over for their reunion dinner - too sweet!

Over at KT's house - i think by this point i drank pretty much and got pretty high lol. The cleavage is fake one btw (had to squeeze it out and this is the best it could go - FML)

Super high at this point lol - look at my eyes hahahahah

Went over to my aunt's place to play with her dogs too! She bought a Husky (2 months) so he's super uber cute heheh.

Autumn got bigger too - less than a month! So cute, i still remember when he was still a baby puppy and whined at us to bring him and play with him hehe.

He's much calmer now albeit still playful.

First Ban Ban of the year!! #Cassia'shouse

I realized that this year i went to a total of 8 houses for CNY omg, damn crazy. But not within 2 days lah, its within the span of 4 days so i would say not too bad.

Cassia damn unglam here

I really enjoyed my CNY because i managed to meet up with many people, gamble and basically just catch up with everyone.

Work has taken quite a toll on me because i've been trying to make sure i commit the least of mistakes whilst juggling Jun Bee, Ogilvy and Blu Jaz. It gets a little tough at times but knowing that my life is fulfilled is happy. 

Plus i really love what i am doing now - maybe lesser for Jun Bee (LOL)

I promise to blog soon with more legit and fuller posts, but for now,

Happy chinese new year! :D

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