Wednesday, March 30

iLights Festival

Trying to keep this space alive by having more posts up! I have had people telling me that life is not all about work and i need to try to keep a balance - so here i am, continuing my interest in writing and exposing my entire life to the public because i am a masochistic hehhe.

 Went to the iLights Festival last Sunday because i keep seeing pictures popping up on my instagram and snapchat and i wanted to join in the hype (typical Sgporeans lah).

This is technically the only decent picture which i managed to get hold of because the crowd is mad and there's just so many random heads popping up in my pictures and/or there are many girls taking photographs of themselves with poses and such (think #OOTD) and i just didn't want to be one-of-those-girls LOL.

Okay i know i very judgey but i don't like to be the same as others lah ok, so i didnt. hahahahahaha

Anywayssss, we did took pictures together though //

Okay i went to look at the pictures and they suck, so here's some which doesn't suck as much taken at other places:

On the way to JEMS even though i am not entirely sure why we went there in the first place, oh yeah i remembered - it's to cut SJ's hair.

I need to friggin trim my eyebrows soon, its like 2 twigs plastered on my face mygod.

Taken after i'm done preparing and re-evaluating why the heck can't i have pretty double eyelid and having single eyelid.

x2 on temptation to go Korea for eyelid surgery every day.

Attempt at having skinny face by lying on SJ's arms but fail, because chubby cheeks kns.

This is damn cool, camera360 - they actually factor in for group pictures instead of just one. 

I swear all photo editing softwares like to beautify SJ until he machiam look like girl.

Ending this post with some salmon because we all love salmon :)

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