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[Non-sponsored] How i did my eyelash extension for $25 w/High Brow

Hi guys, it's been a while since i last stepped into this space! To be honest, work has been okay but i had just been procrastinating about blogging 'cause my brain is that lazy (I feel so weird about Blogger interface now because the last i logged in, its months ago)!

Anyway, today i would be blogging about a popular beauty trend - Eyelash extension! I got hooked onto this earlier this year because it's been a breeze whenever i need to snuggle in more sleep in the morning before work.

It has also made my Perth trip (which i really need to blog about) so much easier because i just slap on my basics and i'm ready to go, especially when the 'meet-up time' is like 7am in the morning. Note that this is not a sponsored post at all and i paid like everyone else for the mentioned below!

Eyelash extension @ High Brow (Star Vista)

My first experience with them was awesome, and subsequently i introduced to my mum, who also went and got hooked. If you are a first-time customer with them, this is how you can enjoy their cirrus (eyelash w/eyeliner effect) for less than $25, technically $21+ to be exact.

This was how my lashes look like the first time i did the extension with them - no eyeliner, just double eyelid sticker. 

I think this had eyeliner on, but it's around 2-3 weeks after the first treatment?

I went back to them again prior to my Perth trip (i paid the full price) and did them. This is approximately a week or so after the first? I had eyeliner on but minimal. 

I've done extensions from a few vendors, but i think High Brow has my heart. But the thing is, they are rather pricey for recurring customers, so it's been a struggle between vanity and wallet. 

But for first-time customers, this is what you can do to enjoy your first pair of eyelash extension with them for less than S$25!

Step 1: Sign up for an account with Shopback.com

I was introduced to this website from an ex colleague and it's been my to-go-to ever since. Basically, you go to the place you want to shop at via their portal (so like machiam they referred you there, but actually is not lah) and they reward you with cashback % for your purchases! Something like credit cards i supposed?

This is my account with them, and i had already cashed out $40 during my first batch. The bonus is from my ex colleague who referred me to the website. 

Shopback has 8% cashback with Groupon, but they take a while to go from "Pending" to "Redeemable" so yeah. But hey, at least that's accounts receivables!

Step 2: Check out promo codes with Groupon

There's always promotional code with Groupon, sometimes i wonder if that's their USP (which i believe is since they leverage on loss aversion aka kiasu mentality with consumers). I downloaded and subscribed to them so i always receive the latest updates/notifications from this app. 

I think they usually have 25% off for beauty, but there was once a 35% during National Day or something last year (cannot remember). I got this from their website just only, and i think its going to be around for a while?

Next, purchase the promo with High Brow via Shopback.com, and be redirected to Groupon.com. Be very careful with this, and remember that this has to be within the same browser (so don't click to open a new tab). 

The Korean lash is $38, so after Groupon's 25% discount, it will be $28.50. After 8% cashback from Shopback, that would be $26.22. Plus the referral $5, that would be $21.22, which is technically $21! 


Bear in mind that this does not include your credit card own cashback, especially if you have a card that gives you great discounts on online shopping!

This is purely from a paying customer's point of view, so feel free to go ahead based on your own judgement and research online. I have never tried their other extension (so far, i only did Cirrus and i love it the best).

For me, the eyelash usually last for around 1.5 months, but i think it depends on individual's lifestyle habits and such. Nevertheless, i think this is a great vendor to check out,especially if you have not tried their services!

I know that it can be a pain to spend so much $ on something so intangible and not exactly necessary, so here's to all the girls out there who are up for some cheap thrills.

Good luck! :D

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