Friday, January 8

Life at H&O - snippets over the 2 months

Thought i would share about my life in the new office! It's been really fast and bamz, 2 months had went by. Kinda woah but also excited to see what 2016 has in store for me for my career?

Finally done with my employee pass LOL. Told Becky to use this picture because i look very deep and cultured in this picture hahha.

So we have all these banners around the office introducing the different Ogilvy awards, and here we are. There's always time for another smoke hhahahah

Lunch is always fun because we tend to head out together? For me, i feel that having lunch together with your colleagues is extremelyyyy important because this is the only time which you can talk, bond and take a breather from work. 

Been to many places, but here's one over at The Wicked Garlic. Not very nice leh i feel, so i don't know what's with the big hype over it :(

Went to Hanare restaurant for Audrey's birthday because she loves Japanese food (like me!)
It's supposed to be good tooooo, because the reviews online were not bad, but similarly with the previous one, i thought it was so-so.

But they have a lot of side dishes which is really good and worth it.


Happy birthday Audrey! :D

Briefing for some stuff, and later pangseh by these 2 zharbor.

H&O Christmas party, and they invited Lobang king to be the host.
Hahha very fun and had lots of fun walking around and mingling. 

The catering was gooddddd too woo hoo

I'm definitely in love with my job and colleagues now.

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