Wednesday, January 6

Christmas 2015


Okay but moving on, here's some pictures of Christmas last year (sounds so long right, but its actually only a week or two ago).

Celebrated christmas this year with my family, but spent christmas eve with le friends by having a good lunch and heading over to garden by the bay to immerse in the atmosphere.

I had this post prepared a few days ago but there seems to be a problem with blogger, so i didnt manage to upload this successfully.

I am in love with this whole concept of a magical Christmas and the idea of a carnival right here in SG. It's a pity we dont see snow here, and the activities that we can have here is also heavily limited by our geographical restraints.

Nevertheless, am really glad that the organizers managed to pull this off!
The atmosphere is stunning :D

Missing Xinni here but am sure we will have full attendance this year!

Thank you for the Tiffany ring, it's lovely. After working on this account for more than 3 months and eyeing each product intently, i finally have a Tiffany ring i can call my own.

It's indeed a wonderful Christmas! Bought SJ a Kindle because i know he had been eyeing one for quite some time and it's useful for him too since he is going back into reading up on stocks and stuff.

My sister damn cute ah, haha also got a present from her! :D

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