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NON SPONSORED - 100% customer's POV review on bottomslim

I think I had been spending a lot these days. I just cut my hair last night at Pro Trim for $38 (most expensive haircut in my life) and just (like literally just) signed up for a package with Bottomslim for 11 sessions. 
So yeah, good job Jane.

I heard super many stories (bad and good) with this company and despite the fact that I have had my fair share of stories from relatives on slimming centers, I can't help but wanna /try/ it out? 

I guess I will take this time to exercise and eat less

& i think I will share my experience on Dayre/blog and criticize/evaluate this slimming centre. There's super many theories revolving this place and at the same time, bloggers who endorsed this place and mentioned how great it is. 

The award from cozycot makes things much more legit too, or so it seems. 

One of the most raised concern is over the pricing - which I checked and managed to argue from $1300+ to $680. Amazing right lol. Like China all over again.

Two treatment component - 

1. Machines pasted around your affected areas ; Vibration to detox apparently. 

Impression: 6/10 . 
- not too impressed because even though she mentioned that it's low infrared heat and I won't feel anything, I do feel vibration and nothing else. And osim seems to have a similar product which I've seen my parents using, though like no use lol. 

2. Gel over my tummy (main concern) and use a lamp with red infrared lights shining over the area 

Impression: 8/10
- really do feel heat and my tummy area is still feeling the hot even though I'm otw home now. I'm thinking of combining this with abs exercises to see more effect. Apparently I'm told that this will last for 6-8 hours and is for breaking down my tummy fats. 

Service wise, a little pushy. Seems that the more reluctant (and yet tempted to sign), the more discounts you will get. The price was changed 3-4 times throughout the entire session.

Ultimately, I agreed on $680 with a $340 deposit and subsequently paying for the remaining half after the 5-6th session.

I'm promised 11 sessions in total, so that's less than $68 per session. It's still a considerably huge amount but I wanted to try slimming places (at least once in my life?) and this place happened to offer me a price which I deemed "ok" within my income range. 


- Receipt (what's included and shit)
- GST included? (I nego to $680nett)

I read some reviews that the customer service person will just take your card, swipe and charge you full. Most of them were credit cards dispute (extra charges from bank blah, GST blah) but I paid with NETS so no such issues for me.
I did say that I wanna pay with Visa and she asked if I can pay with NETS though. I guess quick games are the rules here? 


My skirt do feel looser and the hem doesn't fold in anymore. But granted, I skipped dinner and only had half a cup of cereal and soya milk prior to the treatment. 

But the heat is still there and tbh it's reassuring to know that the gel is (hopefully) working its magic. 

So Yeap, will be posting more after each session so that more people can be informed and make a smart choice before signing packages!!

I only managed to find bad reviews and good ones (95% sponsored posts) so seriously, I was kinda thinking like "shit did I just spend $340 on nothing?" , but then again - I gotta try before I know if it really works.

Some dubious parts though:

- she mentioned the word "guaranteed loss of 6-16cm" after whole treatment at starting, but backed out after I 80% seems willing to buy the package

- used freebies as bait for me 

- dismiss -ve online reviews quite strongly

To be honest, I'm still a little apprehensive about whether it was money well spent. $680 is like 80% of my intern pay, and its not gonna be cute if I get nothing outta it after everything. (time, effort, mostly $$$$)

Heck, even spending on a good meal is better than splurging on an "experience"? 

But yeah part of me is going like 
"wellllll, at least you can use it as experience learnt?", but another part is like 

"You stupid bitch Jane".

Idk ok don't scold me. SJ didn't scold me.

He told me that he would do the same and pay if he is promised awesome hair for $300 too. Oops. 

Guess we are star crossed lovers when it comes to spending on things that think matter but actually doesn't matter lol. 

Ok so Yupp! I will move this entire post to my blog after the whole treatment is done but as of now, fingers crossed and double effort at exercising and dieting to magnify the effects!

Hey guys, so the above was written after my first visit with Bottomslim, which was also the first treatment i went for immediately after my consultation. 
I hate to say this, because I PAID FOR IT, but nope - bottomslim doesnt work.

 Before you go "TOLD YOU THERE'S NO SHORTCUT", please remember that every girl has a main problem - face, weight, body whatever, there's something which she cares about the most. & for girls who cares a lot about their body size (i can vouch for them), somewhere somehow, you will find logic in every irrational methods and way. I'm not saying that Bottomslim is a scam company because perhaps there are people who really benefited from it, but it didn't for me. Granted, i only attend 3 sessions with them but decided to forgo sacrificing my Sunday since i can only "go on Sunday as i'm paying lower than others, and hence only eligible for the off peak sessions"

I'm just skeptical about the whole thing --

Basically there will be 2 steps to this basic program which i signed up for.

(1) Placing some vibrating devices around your body to break down fats whatsnot
(2) Applying fat burning gel on your targeted part and placing a light over it

It just .. doesnt convince me that this is worth $340 for 5 sessions. I can jolly well spend that on facial which i really see effect from after each/3rd session at least?

& the big question


Nope, i didnt. In fact, my weight went up and fluctuate quite a lot.
So yeah, but disclaimer please
This is based on my personal opinion and not a 100% reflection of bottomslim services. Tbh, the service there is amazing, but its just the treatment. Maybe it will start showing results after the 6th or 8th session, but the devices and procedure just doesn't convince me enough to fork out the other half of the treatment fees. 

I decided to write this post not because i want to sham Bottomslim etc, but because i couldnt find any decent reviews on Bottomslim from a very neutral POV. Its mostly 80% sponsored posts, and the remaining 20% were from people who had bad experience with this slimming company.

So yeah, i hope this will provide an insight to people who are thinking of taking up promotional offers from slimming companies (more than often, just a promotional hook to make you sign packages).

Thanks for reading, and share your successful slimming stories with me!! :D

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