Tuesday, September 29

How to explore JB like a local during a day trip

& this happened like, weeks ago. 

But with the low RM : SG rate happening now, i thought it would be good to share this with SGporeans who are looking for a short getaway but at the same time, not/cant stayover at other countries.

Violet, Imax, SJ and myself planned this trip about a month before because Violet is in the hospitality industry and works on shift. It was the STGCC weekend, but fuck it. Let's go JB.

How to go there:

Take a taxi (super cheap) from Woodlands MRT
Board bus to JB - just follow the crowd
Reach City Plaza

Depending on how crowded the custom counter is, the whole process can take quite a while. I think it took us around 1-1.5 hours to reach JB from SG.

First stop: City Plaza

City Plaza is this mall which extends straight from the custom clearance counter - you dont even have to exit or cross any roads! I guessed the clothes and stuff arent that cheap, but the food is really good. Xinni told me that movies cost only S$6 on weekends, so thats her to-go place for movies haha

We went to this place which sells hot stones (basement if im not wrong) and its really cheap for hot stones

Violet and SJ got steak (either ribeye or sirloin) for less than S$20. It came with rice and a side dish, so its a pretty good deal!

I got chicken which was less than S$10 for the whole thing lol. & the portion is really big too, not the cheapskate type. Not bad!!

There's also a crepe store (at level 1) which sells very nice and cheap food as well. I wouldn't recommend SGporeans to shop at CP since the price isnt that much of a difference, but food and movies? Go for it.

Second stop: Jalan Dhoby

Xinni told me that its just "behind" the mall, so i thought its literally behind the mall. Nooo, you do have to walk. What i can suggest is that you load the map inside your phone, and head over after you have it (since there will be wifi issue). Do it inside the mall because you have to walk alongside roads, and you don't want to have people snatching your phones.

Jalan Dhoby is simply like Haji Lane - lots of cafes and small quirky stores. I think the stores open late though - reached at around 1pm and most of the boutique stores were still closed.

Headed over to The Replacement cafe because of the interior design! Cute cafe and decent food, plus its cheaper than Singapore's cafe prices so yeap. 

But def expensive by Malaysia's standard in my opinion

We spent quite some time here cafe-hopping and deciding on our next destination. #OOTD worthy and lots of SGporeans around, so i think people who are into the whole cafe culture will love it here haha.

Third Stop: KSL Mall

Headed over to this mall which is pretty near to Jalan Dhoby. We used grabtaxi because we are able to track the taxi's route, and it just seems safer to have a secure third party to be there, just in case. 

The guys went for 1 hour massage over at 

Century Health Care & Beauty 
世纪神农养生馆 Beauty Salon

 Address: Malaysia, Johor, Johor Bahru, L1-32,33,34, L1 Discovery Walk,KSL City
Phone:+60 11-2899 3939 || Hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Not bad! They look extremely revitalized afterwards haha. Violet and me went to do our nails at a nearby salon palour, totally not worth it lor. The manicurists doesn't seem to know what they are doing, and my french manicure looks meh. 

It's not that cheap either so yeah, skip that and just head to Bugis Street (S$18 for gel manicure) 
You can read my non sponsored experience over here if you are interested.

Tried this also because it looks goooddddd and there's newspaper cutting hahaha wtf. But nope, not that nice actually. So-so only

Ended our day with a dinner over at Kinsahi Japanese restaurant (same mall) 

Ordered hotpot and some side, including chicken, wagyu beef, pork and etc. Super filling, very nice and the bill came up to around S$20 - S$30 per person. Food was served pretty quickly, and service is decent too.

If you are looking for some good japanese food after shopping, try here!
Took grabtaxi again and went back to CP mall, walked a while before heading back to SG.

Queue back was CRAZY, especially from Malaysia to SG custom. 
Quick tip - if you see those mini vans around, they are actually malaysians who provide transport services for RM2 per person on a first come first served basis.

We skipped the entire queue and reached SG custom under 10 minutes, a pretty good deal if you were to ask me. 

& this marks the end of my JB trip. Not exactly like a local, but definitely something more than the usual touristy spots and transport means you would had otherwise taken. 


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