Friday, October 16

What to do over at Bukit Timah? Rider's cafe & Pasarbella market

Very outdated, yes. Both on the number of entries on this page as well as the topic itself. I'm only writing about rider's cafe (only because i visited it recently) now! Can you believe it? Yeap, believe it, there's a girl out there who is too lazy to catch up with the whole cafe trend.

It was a lovely surprise by SJ, Joey and Yingting for my 22nd birthday. Rider's cafe! It's definitely a place i had been meaning to visit because there were so much reviews and pictures about it sprawled all over social media aka instagram. Gotta #hashtag that place myself now! LOL

Their burgers are actually really good (despite being burgers!) Love the softness and tangy-bite of the beef (is it wagyu) when its half done. One of the cheaper options on the menu so give it a good if you are looking for recommendation (Y)

The lighting damn cui but its already 8pm so pardon the bad picture lah! A group picture with all the lovely people & their present for me (love all of you dip dip) which is a xi-guay bag from Kate Spade. Xinni was saying that she didn't know i like such things hahaha. 

Liking quirky and weird things more and more as i grew up, a feeble attempt at trying to be non-mainstream perhaps?

Head over to Pasarbella market (last minute decision for drinks and catch-up) since it was not far and all of us haven't been there before, so jiu go lor.

Prententious moment whereby you act atas and eat cheese whilst drinking wine (yeah, coming from first hand experience, i would rather eat normal meat/seafood with wine lol)

*picture from instagram so its blurry

Ending the post with a #selfie & #wefie
Happy 22 years old to myself! WOOTS (a little too late but better than never)

Thank you to everyone and the girls and the boyfriend and the parents for making my 22 years old a simple yet magical one yet again.

... i promise my alice in wonderland party will come soon, when i decide that the worth-ness > money spent. 

Maybe 23 years old? 
HAHAHA see ya <3

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