Saturday, September 19

Short post // [Advertising]

Hey yall' ,

I know that this blog might seem a little dead but really, i do wonder if people google for relevant topics and my post happens to pop out, or that people follow my blog for updates.

It's going to be a short post because i'm getting pretty tired now, but i thought that like always, writing things out makes me feel better. I do feel more restricted with what i can write because since i'm at work 9-6 5 days a week, it's pretty obvious that work issues will affect me the most.

I did had a squabble with SJ the past days, but we had since made up so that's fine. Work wise had been,, intense and uncertain.

A little bird told me that this industry might not be for me, and it got to me. It was the feeling of anger at first, at myself for perhaps - am i doing anything wrong or am i a bad teammate? I try to think of it both ways - i'm either not aligned with the industry, or that the industry is not aligned with me, like how someone who can't stand politics in the showbiz industry.

Of course i would like to think for the +ve side, but i can't help by start to have feelings of doubt about my own capabilities. Perhaps i took my confidence for granted and thought that i can do well in anything and everything?

Or perhaps i am emotionally not ready for the work culture, or that i am too aggressive with clients and unconsciously gave them a "hounding feeling"?

Maybe i will ask her again on Monday. 

It definitely got to me because, if not advertising.


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