Wednesday, July 29

SJ's birthday over at Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC)

Hihi! I'm going to finish this blog post up by 10:15pm and prepare to head off to bed - YES, that's how early i'm sleeping these days. I slept at 10.30pm last night and woke up at 8am this morning - still feeling sluggish when i woke up, but definitely felt much more energized as compared to Monday. Monday was horrible.

This time next week i would already be over at KL and checking into a really nice apartment with SJ, Junli and Marc! I don't really crave a beach getaway because i'm not a beach person, but its a much needed breather from the thoughts i've been implanting into myself lately. Not too sure i would like to share them here, but yeap!

So, i booked Republic of Singapore Yacht Club for SJ's birthday, thinking that it's really cool since there would be sea view and such, and also the pictures on agoda looks super lovely.

Who wouldn't be sold right?! 

HAHAHAH but turns out, it's not exactly a hotel-hotel, but more of like a clubhouse kinda thing? I emailed them beforehand though to ask if they were able to "decorate" (what was i thinking) the room up because "my fiance and me are celebrating our anniversary" HA, i know lah, i lied. They didn't do up the room as requested, but they did place a bottle of complimentary wine for us. Quite sweet right! I totally didn't expect anything in return from them since we are only staying for a night, but <3

You give your guests a small gift and they help you advertise, like now.

The bottle of free wine hahaha

Lunch over at Buona Vista
Went over to lunch over at BV because the club is located around 3 - 4km away from Star Vista. Headed over to Goemon and ate my fave squid ink spag <3

He ordered some soapy ramen which tastes pretty bland so yeah, heads up guys. 

Reached RSYC
Nobody here yet, so jiu start taking pictures lo. The room is situated such that its next to the pool and it was so, so hot that day that the sunlight shone right in through the curtains. I know, very exaggerating but sadly, #truth.

Natural sunlight liao hahahaha

Do you see me trying to werkz that model's vibe? Slightly open mouth, intense look, messy hair.
Idk what the models are thinking when they do such a pose with so many backend crew looking at them. 

Wow such a cheeky looking picture. 
Wow i look like an idiot

Ok so basically i just camwhored a lot.

& then SJ's friends came and interrupted my camwhore session.
 HAHA, ok lah i not so vain ok wtf

The guys/girls came and we started chatting about
- NS life

omg like wtf? The leap of topics from 3 years ago to now is too huge to comprehend. But honestly, i guess when you start to grow older, the spectrum of topics changes as well. 

#Noob (see below)

Hahah then below the pictures i very lazy to elaborate liao lah so you just scroll through, then can click and close already.


I think its a pretty nice place (albeit small) for gatherings because we were quite loud but nobody came to knock on our rooms (UNLIKE STUDIO M), but the location can be a little far out/deserted for those who don't drive. 

Not grand looking so if you are looking to celebrate your birthdays in style, you might wish to look at other boutique hotels. Overall, a pretty decent clubhouse with average service and kind gesture (free bottle of wine) and scenic view - please only head out in the evening because the sun can be mean

Its around $130 on agoda.com, so if it suits your palate, why not? Plus, you have access to 'The Wharf' which has some killer reviews online, but little, because its only accessible to guests/members.

Such exclusivity,,,

Ok i finished this at 10:28pm, so i need to go off now.

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