Monday, June 8

Weekends x

Hi, so my weekends had been pretty good these days. I went for my 3rd session with Skin Shape Club (thank you sample store!) and is starting to see the after-effects of the treatment on my face! Would be sharing more after my last session this week, and is also contemplating whether or not to continue to treatment // 

So back to the weekends! I recently rented a box to sell Mister.paperware items over at Toy Outpost (Bugis Junction) because we wanted to bring it up a notch and have a physical store!

Most of the items stocked over on Mister.paperware is avl for purchase straight away from the box so be sure to check them out ok! I shared the box with another girl who's selling washi tapes so check her items out too! :)

But kinda sad cuz i feel that competition is pretty tough and its hard for people to want to buy these products in a sense? Thinking of ways to 'level up' but at the same time, trying to stick to what we feel would be the best for the brand and achievable. 

I also went to SJ's army friend's 21st birthday party over at Colonial @Scotts. Its damn crazy because they probably spent a bomb on the entire party - they have F1 stimulator, buffet, rented a lambo car, backdrop and all. I heard they spent like $20,000?! LOL.

Really like company dinner liao - the parents really super love him to spend so much man! & the girlfriend also lah, really loads of effort i think haha.

SJ and me were quite awkward because we didnt know anyone soooo, we took selfie at one corner LOL. I snapchatted most of the environment decoration and stuffs so no pictures here ...  LOL

So i was telling SJ "eh my arms very fat!", so he used his finger to pinch my fats down LOL

& then he pushed it up - and thats the real me. Those fatty arms LOL

Phtg took picture of us taking picture so its like inception within inception LOL wtf.

& then i took selfie because i veh long neh take selfie liaoz

This is the only picture that i took - Bentley's cupcake LOL. 
Not bad also leh, hahahah

Sorry diet

Yeah so this weekend, thats basically the thing that i did and all. My life is mostly updated via Snapchat now cuz its very convenient and easy LOL

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