Wednesday, June 17

Food Edition // CAFES IN SG - Lady M, D' Good Cafe & Bucktile St

Hi, so i have no idea what to write about because these days i don't take as much pictures as before. It's harder for me to keep churning out new content with this mentality because i don't purposely do something/go somewhere just for the sake on writing about it afterwards.

Similarly, snapchat really made me take lesser pictures as before because its just that handy to record everything down with video instead of images. Nevertheless, i did go to some cafes over the past weeks so here it is!

Lady M @ Orchard Central

I guess this place doesn't need much recommendation given the fact that it's almost always packed during peak hours. 

I've had a really bad encounter with them before over at their Marina outlet, and i tried to avoid this place for a while until Yizhen & Cherlyn wanted to go over for desserts. Decided to give it another go and yeah, the prices definitely increased

I'm not saying that the price is not directly correlated with the quality of the cakes (they're good!) but it just seems to me that $9 for a slice of cake (no matter how good) is pretty ... extravagant? 

Maybe its just me, but hey i'm an unemployed poor student now so don't judge me! Nevertheless, i do find this place quite relaxing and good for a good afternoon catch-up with your friends if you are a cakes-person! :D

| Address |
Orchard Central Shopping Mall 181 Orchard Road, 
Orchard Central #01-27 & #02-07 Singapore 238896 

Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm 
Telephone +65 6509 3673

Bucktile St Cafe

I decided to head over to Bucktile St Cafe only because Joey suggested this place. In fact, i have not heard of this place before at all. If you have seen one of those confectioneries which comes in the design of a potted plant, yupp thats right. 

This is the place // 

Unfortunately, we were unable to try their signature cakes as it was OOS, so we went along with this one - Rainbow cake. I like it though - the flavor is rich and its sweet. (or maybe i was hungry, but either way,,)

The place is equipped with lots of electrical plugs, and is almost always empty (i guess on a weekday afternoon). Joey and i slacked at the place from 2pm - 8pm, to finish up our work as well. They provide complimentary wifi, but it always! breaks! down! 

I swear its a subtle signal to guests about not prolonging their stay in the cafe, or otherwise to purchase something else from the counter.

Hahahah, kidding lah. I didn't managed to take any pictures of the cafe's interior but its cozy (though the location is insanely outta the way for people like me who doesn't own a car).

| Address | 
104 Faber Drive

Alternatively, you can check their FB page for directions with public transport! :)

D' Good Cafe

Another famous cafe located at Holland Village, for probably its interior design? To be honest, i feel that this cafe is pretty over-hyped because the food is so-so and not really worth raving about. In fact, i guess the redeeming point about here is that they dont charge GST/service charge (or is it both?) for their food items.

I tend to order Ice cafe latte because its kinda like the 'standard' drink, but till date, only Coasta Coffee's impress me. The rest // not really, not even the ones over at KL which SJ really love.

Pretty ok for a casual day, but it can get crowded during peak hours. The eggs Benedict (reminds me of Prive's salmon w/egg benedict... its so good omg) is really normal but yeah, its one of the cheapest item on the menu so it'll do for me. 

| Address |
273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02 
Singapore 278992 
Tel: 6219 9807

Operating Hours: 
Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 10pm 
Friday & Saturday: 10am to 11pm

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