Monday, June 8

SEA Games Rehearsal

Hey hey hey! Realized that this space is dying so i lined up some posts to entertain the people who still read my blog hahaha. I think i have very rare readers who follow every blog posts of mine, but rather people who google on a specific topic and happen to chance upon my blog.

Either or, it's kinda like a personal hobby/interest to upload and write about the things i have done over the weekends and stuffs, so yeaps.

Head over to SEA games rehearsal last week (i think) because SJ happened to have 2 free tickets from his office. So here we go ta-daa

I only remembered to take a picture of the tickets AFTER the rehearsal so ...

The stadium very huge right?! Its my first time over at this stadium so i was really taken aback/awed by the grandness of this place. In fact, we sat on the topmost level and i was really scared by how we cant view the bottom of the place, and my fear for heights hounded me a little.

I was holding on to SJ for dear life cuz i imagined myself toppling over and falling like humpty dumpty. LOL.

Ok so for this part, i though there was gonna be ACTUAL athletes from the country LOL.

Its like the people from SG/volunteers and all hahaha wtheck
Super fake and cheat my feelings

It's basically like a light show and everything looked really nice and all

But to be honest,, a bit boring lah. Maybe i'm a more performance-oriented person instead of the visual-oriented person. Plus the entire march-through by each country took pretty long and i was getting restless after a while.

Regardless, thankful to have the chance to cheer for our country's athletes and be part of this celebration, and go #TeamSG ! :)

Really proud of all the fellow SGporeans for being so cool and imba with their sporty side hahaha


  1. Wow! Looks like you had an amazing time!!
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    1. I did! Thank you for your kind comment :)