Saturday, May 2

Throwback(S) // & Food reviews

Hey, what's up guys. I've been staying at home these days because i didn't want to leave home and spend more money, when i'm already so broke. So amidst all the 'catching-up' on shows, i'm starting to clear out my much overdued pictures on this blog (as well as trying to find a job - stop procrastinating Jane).

I mean, life's hard.

& its harder when you don't really know what you wanna do. But yeah, so last month i celebrated monthsary (yeah we do that every now and then) with SJ & head over to Adventure cove. No pictures whilst inside because i didn't want to risk my phone getting wet, but we took some pictures after we bathed.

We also went over to the Korean Town over at Sentosa because it was all over the news some time ago but i didn't managed to find time to check it out.

Turns out to be a total mood-killer.

^ This cost me around $4 - 6 if im not wrong

^ Apparently a 'korean sausage' which cost me $3.50 but guess what, there's nothing special about this at all

There's really nothing special about the food there - in fact it tastes exactly similar to how processed food would taste like. I didn't check out the main meals, but these snacks were horrible enough to make me U-turn the next time someone suggest that place.

So yeah, head somewhere else if you really wanna get a grab inside Sentosa.

Founder's Bak Kut Teh

I also managed to finally visit Founder's Bak Kut Teh and tried their food.
Love it, but love the one over at Clarke Quay better.

Nevertheless, i was sold by the numerous pictures of celebrities plastered around the restaurant

Pong Gelato

Also tried this over at *scape because i miss BKK loads. I think it costs around $4.50 (if i didn't remembered wrongly) and its located inside the mall of *scape. The ice cream is good, and serves as a good dessert after meal to be shared with your partner or friends.

5 the Moments (cafe)

It's a quaint cafe opened by some photographers over at Tanjong Pagar and we went there for their ice cream and tea after our dinner (Supalae - my fave korean restaurant)

Love the decorations there and they have some really pretty lights/couch for you to take pictures and just laze the day away with your lappy or a book.

That's me and Joey after our very 'intense' studying session over at 313 Somerset.

Always fun to hang out with these guys :)

Ramen Keisuke Tori King (Tanjong Pagar)

If you are looking for some real good ramen, 

Its super good and SJ and i are a huge fan of their ramen and egg - its super good!
I think i'm super in love with this store because of the hardness of their ramen (which you can customize to your liking) and i like my noodles hard. Not soft soft like jelly lol.



Don't know what they used to make their beansprout. Damn friggin nice! LOL
SJ and me would always finish a bottle of it because its just that good.

Alrighty, thats all for today and i hope i gave you some ideas on where to head to (and not) over the weekends now that school's out for most of you! :)

Have a lovely day and love ya <3

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