Thursday, April 30

Hello May & Behind-the-scenes of those cramming sessions

The end of another month. 


I've always love fresh anything since young - a new beginning.

It contains so much hope in a thought, in a phrase and simply just refreshes you

April had been busy busy! but there were also tons of catching up done with Junli. I always preferred calling her Junli instead of Joey because all her friends after JC calls her Joey and i feel very 'distanced' from her if i call her that as well.

So, basically we went to Starbucks every single day (for almost 2 weeks) and studied the hell outta our notes. It's only until university did i realized the importance of education and being hardworking - the irony given that you only treasure things (the chance to enter a local uni for me) after you have lost it. 

The day we took loads of pictures (after like 6 hours of cramming) and look like shiet. But it was my last paper the next day, and her first paper so i thought we should take some pictures to commemorate and offered blessings to the bellcurve god/goddess too.

All pictures taken with Youcam from the lappy and unedited because i'm so goddamn lazy.

I just wanna graduate, my dear xin. 
Please Please Please let me pass & graduate smoothly!!

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