Wednesday, May 13

Airbnb experience over at KL

Hello all!

I just came back from Malaysia and really excited to show you this apartment which i booked via airbnb (my first time!) when i visited KL. Its a cosy studio apartment located at Jalan Sultan Ismail (around their town area) and i love it so much!

It's so pretty right?! 

The lighting is super good and i had so much fun camwhoring like mad whilst lounging around the place. Plus, its small and cosy so returning back to this place is just <3 <3

Ok guys, im sorry but get ready for a whole load of spams such as my own selfie and lovey dovey pictures with SJ. 

All the pictures below are taken by iphone 6 and may or may not have undergo edit/filter. You just have to guess it yourself! LOL

The owners also left us blank canvas and asked us to draw on it and share our creations with them by pegging the canvas on the grid wall. A very lovely thought and kind gesture from them!

We don't really have very artistic flair when it comes to drawing so sorry lah ok. 

Last day and still feeling kinda sad to leave the apartment. The design and concept all so cute and nice lah!

There's also a sky bar // infinity pool at the topmost level of the apartment and the view is gorgeous. I mean, if you incorporate the price of going to a skybar, infinity pool or paying for a view, why not pay a tad more and stay at this place right? Plus its so pretty *o*

The night view which overlook the city night lights

It was love at first sight with this apartment and i told SJ that we HAVE to stay here. It was obviously not a wrong choice! The owners were very kind as well and allowed us to check out in the evening since our flight was at night.

If you are interested and doesnt have a airbnb account, you can use my invite code here


I think you can get $25 by clicking on my invite code, not bad ah.
I used my friend's code and managed to get some discount as well hoho

Will update more about the trip soon, alongside with some reviews! :)
Keep checking back hor.

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