Thursday, April 9

Just came back from the hospital

It's my first time at any animal clinic because i don't own any animals to begin with. My aunt has a dog though, and its a chow chow. Her name is Coco and i love her even though she's not my dog. She's extremely lazy, but very, very gentle. She's doesn't bite very often, least to bite anyone. I have never seen her acting aggressive towards anyone at all, maybe just my uncle but he stole her food before so that's another story. 

Coco is extremely lazy and her favorite activity includes sleeping and lazing around the house. But whenever i hop over to my cousin's house for tuition, she never fails to greet me. She would run to me, wag her tail and signal for me to rub her chin because she loves it when i stroke it with my fingers. I love to place my palm and frame her face, and she would subconsciously lay her entire cheek/mouth/left side of her face and lean into my palm. 

I love that feeling, it makes me feel that she yearns my love.

Today, i went over as usual. There was no greeting. No tail-wagging or even the silhouette of a brown creature sauntering around. It was very odd.

I made my way to the backyard and saw Coco. She was scarily thin. I could feel her ribcage through her fur. She was never a big dog to begin with, but definitely not so small. I was surprised to see no signs of happiness radiating from her. 

I called her once.

There was no movement.

For a second, i thought she was dead. No it couldn't be, i could see her body going up and down.
I started asking the maids about her situation, and apparently she had been having runs and threw up for the past two days. Food poisoning? 

She rejected any forms of food and liquid, even her favorite boiled chicken meat with gravy wasn't appetizing enough for her. She's really sick.

Made a few calls after tuition but no taxi drivers were willing to take a dog. The pet taxi was going to charge us $80 for a 2-way transport but there are only able to make it tomorrow. Texted Chen and Joey who couldnt make it as well, but were really really sweet to offer help the next day. 

Thanks a bunch guys, i really appreciate it. 

I wanted to bring her in the next day after school, but for some odd reason, i couldn't shake off the fact that something is gonna go really awry if i didn't bring her to a doctor today. I mean, she didn't even budge at the sight of her favorite treats.

Called a cab, added $10 extra as incentives, and got one almost immediately. Took her to United Vet over at AMK and boom!

Kidney failure.

"Her left kidney is swollen"

"It doesn't look good"

"I'm surprised that she could survive for so long. She's a fighter"

"I'm not even sure if she could make it through tonight"

"We have to run more tests"

"If its heredity, the chance of survival is almost 0%"

Wow. How could it be? She was just refusing food and the last time i saw her, which was a week ago, she was still fine. We still took pictures together didn't we? You finally accepted my hug and it was the first decent 'selfie' for the both of us. 

I remembered asking the doctor

"I don't understand. How can this happen so..., quickly?"

He looked at me and i could felt that he was apologetic, and he just replied

"I'm not sure. It just happens at times"

Things aren't looking good for Coco and she might not even survive through the night. She's on IV drips now and they are hoping that she would be strong enough for a physical diagnosis and aggressive medical help for her kidneys to function.

But the doctor did mentioned that even if we were to remove the faulty kidney, there's very low chance that she would survive long with just one kidney.


Please be okay.

// I just need to type this out to feel better, so i hope nobody judge me. Thank you //

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