Friday, April 17

Goodbye Coco

Its been a while since i last updated this space but its my crunch time for the upcoming exam (my last semester's!) so i had been working hard on it and hoping that i would graduate with good grades, or smoothly at the very least.

I thought that my last post left a lingering sadness which clouded my blog for a while, but the thing is, its not gonna get better with this post.

I've only managed to blog about this today, but Coco passed away on the 13th, the Monday which just passed. I received a call from the doctor at 5.56am, of which he told me that Coco had succumbed to heart seizures which were caused most likely by the toxins which made their way from the kidney to the heart.

I can't imagine her gasping for oxygen.

Coco is an extremely docile and gentle girl, and even when i leave the room for a while, she would wait for me patiently and look at the door, almost waiting for me to come back to her. This was told to me by Sijun btw.

I'm just glad that i was with her from the day she was hospitalized, till the day she finally break free from these germs and diseases which caused her so much pain.

I don't think i would ever look at another chow chow without seeing your blur look behind their face, and i don't think there would be a dog which replaces you in my heart.

You'll always hold a special place in my heart, but its time for you to head to the rainbow bridge and bask in your fave sun rays and run around with your new friends.

You will be forever missed, but i know we'll meet again one day.

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