Tuesday, April 7

Xinni's birthday

Hihi, back with another post on Xinni's birthday. If you were sharp enough, you would realized that the previous post was on a 'justified' alignment but i have to manually do it over on MS Word and i'm just too lazy for that so forget it. 

Back to the default alignment!

Celebrated Xinni's 22nd birthday last week and surprised her over at her school after her quiz! Thank you Shao Jun for the coordination as well as all the trouble of bringing us in NTU to reach the quiz place. 

We didn't managed to surprise her as we planned to because they took another route and walked to the bus stop whilst we were waiting under the stairs of the lecture hall, planning to surprise her with our very pre-planned version of Taylor Swift's song - 22. 

But nevertheless,,, thank you Kerbin for the liaise as well!

Happy birthday girl and her hello kitty helium balloon

Joey, the 'pager' (pageant) of NUS science faculty

Had dinner with Yingting, Junli and Shao Jun because Xinni had dinner arrangements with her classmates prior to this surprise, and it would be kinda weird for us to all join in because ... its just kinda weird lah.

Met up with her afterwards for pictures! & she ain't satisfied with every pictures LOL.
Very chio liao lah, ahyoyo

Hopped over to Holland Village on Friday to have a decent birthday dinner with this girl. Had Xin wang because all of us were craving different cuisines, and went on to this bar cum KTV at the second level of the rows of bars for their $10 offer on beers and whatsnot.

Pretty cozy and we sang lots and lots of songs LOL. I was kinda paiseh at first because its quite public and i don't sing THAT well, but the girls definitely were very excited about this new form of entertainment and took turns to 'select' their songs for a free singing session.

Pretty cozy bar and there was air con and darts and most importantly, NO SMOKING. 
It just feels good to listen to music and chat with your friends after a long weekend, on a good friday!

Got Xinni a necklace which has varying opinions from all three of us, and Shao Jun became the deciding factor because he was the 4th person. Pretty sure my choice was a great design too, but ok lah this one also very nice.

Lucky she likes jewelry hahaha, cuz its quite the opposite for me. Very troublesome to take on and off LOL

Ended the day with selfies on my phone and 'ooh-ah-ooh' from the number of revelations we have of each other from a game of 'Never have i ever' over drinks.

On a side note, my assignments and projects are finally all cleared so i can finally, finally take a breather from all the madness during the past week. It was not mad mad, maybe just a little on agnsty mad. Regardless, super glad its all over and time to make space and time for exams preparations. 

2 more weeks to exams and i have to score minimally 2 Ds and 2 HDs to get a 3.0/4.0 GPA, which is first class honors for Aus universities but since i'm taking the 1.5 years route, i would receive a degree with distinction instead if i managed to get this GPA score.

Not too sure if its feasible and attainable because i studied like crazy for my first sem in hope of attaining the scholarship with 4HDs but only managed to scrap Ds for all my modules (and i really studied very hard, sacrificing weekends and went through all the related textbooks for each module).

So maybe my limit is just ... there? Sometimes i really envy people who are smartypants and have a natural flair with anything they learn. I don't think i'm one of those people, and im definitely not gifted in other areas which needs intense brain exercises.

Sometimes i wonder what exactly am i good at?

Late night thoughts running amok again, hahah.
Anyways, everyone seems to be using Snapchat these days (and when i started, nobody was using it the heck, and now every celebrity is using it)

But if you are just interested to see what's on my life, 
you can follow me on Snapchat @itsmeJunko

I'm not some celebrity or leading a super intense and amazing life but you know, i can show you a whole new worldddddddd ~~~~

Hahaha, kidding but yeah, if you wanna lah!
Till then,

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