Tuesday, April 28

Chez Vous - #therealme

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Helloooo, back with another post! :) Today i'm going to be talking about a pretty controversial issue, but something that's close to heart. The title of the post probably gave it away, and yeap.

Its about being the real you.

I think social media has played a hugeeeee part at making girls feeling insecure, feeling ugly and overall, just being upset about your own look. I recently came across a video which asked ladies to walk through either the "Beautiful" and "Average" door, and the result is depressing, but it reveals the real problem in today's society.

Women are having higher and higher expectations of themselves. 
& its suffocating at times - on ourselves, and our self-confidence.

I remembered those times i head out without a care for my looks because who gives a shit what others think about those thin eyebrows and small eyes?

I guess being a cosplayer did changed me a little, it was like a peak into the harsh reality and realizing that hey, its so much easier to shoot a pretty girl than a not-so-pretty one, and the pretty ones just look effortlessly pretty regardless of how they look.

But guess what, the pretty ones would never think that they are pretty.

& they really believe in it. They believe in that from the depth of their heart and they try ways and methods (make-up, skincare products, diet plans, plastic surgery) to make themselves feel better because that's what society defined beauty as - you have to use all these tools to be a pretty girl!

I would never step out of my house without make up these days, and if i did, i wouldn't really dare to interact much with other people. I would just keep quiet, try to avoid eye contact and get home asap.

It's something, a thinking perhaps, which you can't change overnight. There had been numerous events that makes a girl feel this way, and no amount of compliments afterwards would help her to feel more confident in her real self.

& that's bad because we shouldn't be ashamed of who we really are.

Chez Vous had came up with a new campaign called #therealme which liberate women from those unrealistic beauty standards and prove that beauty is and should be attainable, tangible and empowering; not unrealistic, impossible and enslaving.

Some background information
Chez Vous is a 2,000 sq ft beauty powerhouse located in the heart of Orchard Road, offering a cutting edge range of signature treatments in an unpretentious yet sophisticated designer interior layout. 

With a one-of-a-kind “OHDA” (or Only Hair Directors Allowed) policy in place, the salon ensures an unparalleled roster of beauty experts so that clients receive only the best service and advice in creating their individual style.

But what i'm trying to say here is that,

you ARE beautiful, you just have to uncover that beauty out
you CAN be beautiful, and not hide behind countless of photoshop layers 

Would you rather be digitally enhanced, or would you like to look real with a tinge of originality that shouts you?

As much as i like being the perfect woman, i wanna be recognized as beautiful Jane, and not because i look like XXX or XXX. I mean, whats the point of trying to attain the epitome of beauty if you are not even inside there anymore? For sure guys would look at you and go 'damn, that girl is so hot!', 
but is he praising you, or that shell you constructed?

Chez Vous hope tthat under this campaign, woman can wake up not feeling your best/plain Jane (yeap thats me!), but knowing that hey, thats ok. Those instagram pictures you saw on your feed might had undergo thousands of filters/selection before presenting you with the best. Its instagram - everyone only posts their good pictures regardless of how 'shitty' they said it to be. No one in heck would post up something they truly think is ugly duh. 

You think those supermodels everyday so pretty sit there and looking glam?

You think they doll up and look fabulous with shoes on on their couch each day?

You think those bloggers will wake up like this and not have sucky days which they look like crap/sick days and even then, choose the picture which hide the fat cheeks or whatsoever?!

The thing is, girls - get real
If guys can tell us that Christian Grey doesn't exist and diss that perfect guy off like a speck of dust, i don't see why we can't embrace ourselves and believe that girls like Angelababy has days she scream over that pimple on her forehead as well. 

On 7th June, Chez Vous would offer every woman the opportunity to experience a full makeover session. Leave yourself to the experts as they transform your supposedly worst feature (my small eyes ugh) into a whole new perspective which you have never looked at it before (smokey eyes perhaps?)

The complete makeover (1100 - 1800) would include

* Tips and tricks by a fully qualified beauty consultant 
* Hair wash, blow-dry and styling 
* Professional make up 
* Professional photography (may be used for Facebook posts and other social media opportunities) 

//Sessions are subject to availability of beauty consultants) 
//NOT inclusive of haircut; or chemical services; or treatments

Address: 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Podium, 05-05, Singapore 238872

At the same time, you can also share and hashtag #chezvousbeautyisreal and tell the world what does beauty means to you. One lucky participant would stand a chance to win #therealme makeover experience worth $800!


I strongly encourage that girls who feel bad about themselves to head down to the event. Have a new perspective on your 'flaws'. Turn yourself back into a kid, be a princess who always thought she's ugly but under the magical hands of fairy godmother, transformed into a beautiful and lovely queen.

At the end of the day, i don't think that its a feasible plan at trying to get girls to embrace their naked self (be it face, body size or whats not). Its not about putting down girls and make girls who doll up more than girls who don't to feel bad/guilty/vain.

It's about telling each woman standing on this earth that you can use any beauty products and do any amendments to yourself as long as you are happy, but don't forget that you should still exist beneath all these.

I'm sure you are pretty, you just hasn't realized it. 


  1. This is such an amazing post! I agree Social Media has really made us all a bit worried about our looks and lives!

    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Hi Stacey!

      Thank you for your kind comment :) Do have to agree with you on that, and i'm glad that there are online platforms like these for us to express our views on such issues