Tuesday, April 28

End of exams // mixed feelings

Today marks the end of my exams for this semester and i'm battling with mixed feelings since last Thursday. This is the first time i felt such low confidence in an exam paper despite prior revision and preparation for the paper. 

I had been rejecting to accept the 'FREEDOM!' and the envious looks from my friends because really, what's the point of your exam period being over when you are not going to do well, or to fail the paper?

But i also understand that they are trying to make me feel better (thanks guys) and whats done is done and i should know better than to dwell on the negative side further. Plus, even if my worst fear is realized - retaking the module, i could possibly pull up my GPA and attain a Degree with distinction upon graduation, if its allowed for re-mod.

But i would rather not and simply graduate with my friends this year.

Regardless, sorry for the lack of updates on this space! I would try to update more these days now that i'm really free from academic obligations, but give me a few days to stabilize those unsettling feelings and i'll be back real soon.

Thank you guys, and to everyone still having their exams,

& remember that its better to anguish over the lack of sleep but being able to do something about it, rather than to anguish over the paper after its over and think about it the entire holiday.

Its the last lap guys, come on you can do it!

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