Wednesday, March 11

Wednesday //

Taking a break from my last individual assignment of the semester. Last week was crazy, mainly because i was juggling an individual assignment (50%) wtf and a test (15%) which were due on the same date. I know it seems kinda little like, 2 only mah!, but the assignment got my friends and i super whoozy and feeling like crap because the instructions ain't that clear and my lecturer was PMS-ing (a lot) during that week. 

But its goneeeeee.

Ok, maybe not really. One last assignment due next Monday and i would be free-er. Would only be left with one last group project and then its exam, & then i would officially graduate from the school. Seems like only yesterday that i applied for RMIT and felt really disappointed at myself not making into any of the local universities. But my perceptions had changed a bit since then and even though i still recognize the clear difference on the quality of the degree certification, i learnt that going through the 'private schooling' route made me realized many things that i would otherwise not be able to 'feel'/'have a taste of' if i were to go on the traditional route. 

I think sometimes, you just have to see the best in what's there for you and look at the bright side. 

Ok, so back on to whats up. I'm currently typing this away over at a quaint Starbucks in NUS with Joey beside me. Her report is due today, and she's only starting on it today. Talk about last minute hahahaha.

Walked pass Prinsep area the other day and had a go at nookie. There's apparently a queue and i remembered seeing mentions of it somewhere around FB. Had a go at it and bought the choco banana ($6.90) and liked their instagram page for 10% off. 

It's just not really for me i guess. 

Went for a gathering for my grandmother's birthday over at my aunt's house the other day. Look at the cake! Super pretty right? We celebrated a week before in conjunction with CNY

Brought this dude along because he was afraid to be alone during the weekend 8D 
Hahaha kidding lah

& these were the food that we ate on her actual birthday over at her house. Look at that pot of goodness with abalone and all /lovey dovey eyes. & i helped my dad to cook that plate of sweet and sour fish ok! :D

The other day over at his house. Went to his house and he cooked Spag for me (wheee) and visit Tigger as well. He still loves to squeeze between us - separation anxiety? Haha
Much lightbulb leh!

But ok lah, look at those puppy eyes. 
Come lah come lah

I can't remembered why did i dig this picture out from my FB but i remember i wanted to show someone how i looked like when i had long fringe. Maybe it was to post on my dayre but i kinda miss this hairstyle and look!

This picture really like not bad ah, Deb's selfie skill really damn zai.
Missing this girl loads too, goodluck with studies yeah, ah girl!

Came across this show on my newsfeed yesterday and tried to watch the first episode .. and now i'm on my 5th episode.


I'm definitely not a fan of the DC franchise but this show is really good. Kinda excited to see Joker and Harley in the show soon but in the meantime, im good with Penguin, Cat and Fish's plot progress. I wish they focus more on Cat and Ivy though - but Penguin's actor has a flair for acting.

Cant wait for more and season 2!

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