Wednesday, March 11

Introducing - Peugeot 308

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I have this really weird pet peeve which i used to tell my friends and they just laugh at my ridiculous description. SOOO, whenever i go on any types of public transport, i imagine myself to be in this imaginary bubble and when someone 'invades' my bubble, i will get really pissed off.

Needless to say, my bubble had always been "invaded" due to the insanity number of people taking transport these days. I wouldn't be surprised if i have to see this in SG in the next 5 years, minus the coats. 

Ya lor, still got time to selfie leh.
Its 'fun' and a 'great experience' ONLY IF WE ARE AT OVERSEAS.

That man at the right is probably thinking 'wtf' HAHA

& the picture below was taken off the net on the crowd level of SG during one of those days. At least in China, we have coats to bounce each other off. Here, it's all sticky bodies and excruciating near distances, Waa, my god. 

 SJ got caught in this situation before and he was so pissed off because he still had to go to work tomorrow morning. Bad luck dude. 

Went to eat the other day and Marcus kindly drove us around. Look at our happy faces haha

Still can keep selfie haha.
So all these contrast really got me thinking that


Came across this on Nuffnang and fell in love with the design and the sleekness of the car!
(The award logo caught my eyes too /auntie)

and also because its a pretty big car and can fit my entire family of 4 and maybe my grandmother as well on days we decide to head out.

But also because 

- No car = no dinners over at town area because dad is fussy like that
- No car =  no supper dates and constantly rushing for the last train

Its really sad because i see pictures sprawled across instagram on couples going for road trips, drives, supper dates but i don't really get to do all these because both of us don't own a car and taxi fares can get really expensive.

In summary, not having a car really just minimize loads of experiences you can have in SG.

& road trips seems to be really fun :( Like talking under the stars, and eating and just talking about your life. Plus the Peugeot 308 has a paronomic glass roof !! Damn cool lah.

So what's special about this car? There's tons of new things that car companies had come up with and if you think it's just another car, you are quite wrong my dear.

For one, i'm pretty geeky with gadgets and all so my favourite feature would be the award-winning i-Cockpit which boast a sleek dashboard and 9.7" color touchscreen. That's quite cool right?! & since you don't have to press buttons all the time, that would mean a lesser chance of buttons breakage and hence, lesser maintenance fees! Because everything is touchscreen mah right! 

If you are hyped about this car like me too ... (and irritated with life w/o a car)

Come experience the NEW Peugeot 308 yourself! 

Personally, i do feel that the Peugeot 308 has some awesome features and looks pretty decent and stylish for someone my age. I mean yeah, there's always a fave brand of car that you had always dream of having since young, but why not start off the journey with the Peugeot 308? 

It's awarded European car of the year in 2014, so that speaks something about it right?!
If not, just go for the test drive!

& let me know how it feels like to drive behind this beauty! 


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