Monday, March 9

This might get a little sensitive //

This post might be a little touche and sensitive but its simply my personal opinions - wholesale. I hope i have at least the minimal basic freedom to post on how i feel on certain issues, even if its touche. 

So, went to town today and walked passed the Istana which was crowded with quite some people. I was pretty curious so i dragged SJ along to see whats all the hype about. Turns out to be a 'ceremony' or 'parade' for the change of guards (as enlightened by SJ) and there were marching and so on from the soldiers who were naturally, NSFs (and maybe some regulars?)

So they were really good and SJ told me that he went through the exact same training back during 'those days' and stood under the blazing sun for hours and hours. At that moment, i felt connected and understood his position - its not easy. To actually be so in sync with each other and fling that gun (5kg mind you) with such ease, i can't help but fathom how they actually did it. Personally, i don't think i can do it.

& then another thought kinda shot through my mind.

What if that man over there, going through all these trainings for hours and hours just to perfect that drill/marching, standing 24/7 guarding the Istana, 

was my son?

I know how males are supposed to serve the country. I get it. I know the rationale behind these two years and i understand how important it is for SG to be self reliant. But i can't help but feel a twitch of heartache to see a mirage of my future son standing relentlessly in that tiny guardroom, going through all these drills for his job.

which is to protect another family, another person's son. (if you happen to be a guard)

Which made me felt rather unjust and unfair. 
Why should my son go through all these just to protect another's family?
Job? National pride? For SG? Responsibilities?

Anna from Attack of the titans (yes an anime) said once 

Why should the cleverest ones be allowed to hide behind the safe walls? They are the ones who have the highest chance in survival, but in fact they choose to hide behind those walls and escape the harsh fate of dying.

Background story summary 
Titans outside of the city built with high walls as protection. 
Titans eat and kill people. 
City has three main segment. Inner circle lives the riches and king. 
People train to be 'police'. 
Top 10 of each cohort has the chance to choose to live inside the inner wall. 
Many went for the training and aim to be the best because they want to be at the safest area aka beside the king.

It's kinda true and ironic right, when you think about it. In the real world as well, the most experienced stays protected and gives out command whereas the inexperienced/lacking in skills head out to kill the enemies. Why are we sending people who are apparently lacking in skills and abilities as compared to the ones giving out the orders out to the battlefield?

Because you have to. 
Because someone has to go there and protect the leaders. 

& how about the movie "The day after tomorrow", whereby the rich has the financial power to buy access to board 'le ship' which can save them, and the leaders of each country gets an auto privilege to be save?

'Because they are an asset to this world'
'Because they can help to rebuild the world'
'They are important and clever'

You know, at the end of the day i understand that this is a practice and probably/maybe a concept which can be easily refutable by someone out there. & i know that its the reality of this world. 

It's just ,, life. 

Not blaming any leaders and i hope i didn't hurt anyone in the process lol but i'm just being a whiny girl questioning the basic fundamental of our society today. But then again, maybe i'm just being naive and 'optimistic' of a fake world.

Or maybe i do believe in communism. LOL.
But i had always been brought up with the idea that communism is a flawed idea, but hey.
No judgement here ok.

Test and assignment due date tmr, hope i don't die. 

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