Tuesday, March 3

Valentines Celebration

I know this is really, really late but i've been so so lazy busy and i didn't want to simply write and post the celebration post as another one-of-those posts. But i'm pretty sure it would turn out to be one-of-those-posts as well lol.

So this year, it's the 3rd year we are spending V day together. SJ and i had came a pretty long way and i'm just really glad that he's the type of guys who's extremely well-endowed in the 'mushy' and 'sweet' department. I used to think that having a honey-ed mouth is bad because it shows that you are a pretty frivolous kinda person, but hey. 

I guess girls are suckers for such stuffs still. 
Ok, at least for me lah ok.

We decided to go to the zoo(!) because our first monthsary in SG was the zoo. But we decided to go River safari in the end because it was new and it would be very sua ku to not see the much raved about Pandas after so many years LOL.

Yay then we reached the place!
It seem almost similar to Sea Aquarium over at Sentosa but i think its pretty cool and relaxing to walk around idly for a pretty hyped event in SG.

Sea Otters are so so so cute!! <3

Must had been the cutest animal i saw at the entire River Safari. 
Red foxes!!

Damn sad because it was kinda our agenda to look at the pandas but in the end both of them seem to be sleeping :( and hiding away from the crowd!
But on the other hand, i feel really sad cuz they seem so alone ToT

Took the boat ride ($5) and took a tour under the sun to see some animals here and there. 


I even bought a new top for this day ok, even though it look super simple. 
But i guess its all about spending time with that someone whom you love spending time with and enjoy talking to?

I've seen a lot of couples who went for extravagant dinners and stuffs, but whats the point of all these if you don't even enjoy your time?

I know there are people who feel that V day is so overrated and they start to go on and on and on about how V day is overrated blah blah blah and how everyday should be V day blah blah. But why can't we simply embrace this day and use it to properly show appreciation to our partners for the things they have done?

Many a times, i would procrastinate and do away with things we used to do (like leaving notes for him each night during the first two years of the relationship through an app - lovebyte), but now it just dwindle in numbers because both of us are so used to each other. 

But you know, V day serves like a reminder for you, something like a nudge like
'hey, time to do soemething to show your appreciation!'

Doesn't have to be expensive presents or luxurious dinners but you know,
just some time together. 

//and people who are single should enjoy this day as well, instead of seeing it akin to a namesis and a reminder that you are single. Remember that there are family and friends, and even the millions of cells working inside your body doing their everything just so you can function healthily!

Much digress LOL. Anyway going back to the main topic //

Look at this boy, tired and shagged from the entire day heh

Dinner over at Supulae because i really love their food! Hooked after i've tried it with Junli the other time haha.

Shit i just realized that the mushroom looks like a dick HAHAH WTF

& that concludes my V day. 
I would totally show off my present from SJ, but whats the point yeah. 
Hahaha, being able to write this whole entry is already a gift from him to me.

& if you are interested,

Supulae Korean BBQ

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