Tuesday, March 17

Sing K & Red Cross event over at Takashimaya

Woah, i'm finally free enough to blog about stuffs again (lol). All my individual assignments had been submitted and i'm left with only 1 project for the semester. I really really hope that i can decent marks for the subjects :( 

I can't wait to graduate but at the same time, i dread the working world after i have graduated.Went to sing K the other day with the girls and we had to go all the way to sembawang because all the Teo Hengs' at the west side are booked!

Went to eat prata with Junli and Xinni because we are broke and pratas are nice! Hhaha

Selfie in the room because i'm too tired to screech sing anymore. We always get super high when we come together to sing k - its becoming a culture. Just look at my snapchat and you will know.

Went to town during the weekends because we needed a break from work/school. SJ had a terrible week over at work because there were so many impromptu issues cropping up and he was really, really shagged by Friday.

I was rushing my assignment whist constantly feeling really, really de-motivated so we took a day off and skipped to town on Sunday.

Decided to splurge and spent $16 on this bento. 
Salmon? Check
Tuan? Check
Loads of fishy eggs? CHECK.

It would really, really be better though if its not that salty :( 
But the salmon and tuna were really good, and the owners (i assume) were really generous with their servings!


Because its always better to be bigger.

Went to did Henna in support of Red Cross event which happened over at Takashimaya over the weekends. Its so pretty! Really love the design (and really sad that its fading off)

Also, if you noticed the change in my nails ,, I did gelish over at the rows of manicure salons over at Bugis village but i didn't do it over at Lily Nails anymore because when i went back for the second time, this china lady kept talking to her friend and did a pretty shitty job on my nails. 

& since i went to BKK to do my nails, they would most probably charge me an extra $5 or smth to remove it, which is ...

So i went over to this palor with China ladies (pretty small one, not really furnished) and i pretended that i am interested to do my nails, but i didn't want to pay for the removal (very cheapskate i know lah) and they were like no no, have to pay if its not done by us.

& i'm like 

Ok lor, then i go to that salon lor .. anyway i went there before.  

and they were like, ok ok come back. $18 (i think if im not wrong - but its the same for every stores there) it is.


Hahahha, and they were complimenting on how pretty my nail art was lah, they thought they were stickers . No shit, its drawn on yeah. Bangkok and their pool of talents.

So ta daa! & they gave me some card which is go for 10 times then free 1 time those kinda, ok lah not bad. I think i will go back again when this fades off.

SJ suggested that we do the same pattern and i'm like 'waa so sweet ah'
HAHA, such a pleasant surprise to have a guy give in to you unexpectedly. 

Blog soon!

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