Saturday, March 21

Apps I can't live without

Kinda had always wanted to do something like this to introduce some much underrated applications out there which is really, really good. & useful in my life - so much that i would most likely be crippled if i don't have them in my phone. 

These are not the usual social apps (Instagram, Facebook eg) but more of the ones which you might or might not had heard about?

So here goes nothing.

#1. Clue

I figured this would be something that is much more applicable for girls, but yes it helps you to calculate your period cycle! Its amazing because its a smart app (at least as claimed!) and would tune itself to suit your schedule and such. 

There are also a few options such as how you are feeling, fluid-wise, sex life etc for you to track and have everything at your fingertips if you ever need to calculate or at the doctor's.

It also helps to calculate your average ovulation period, period cycle blah blah which is absolutely cray for me before i know this app because i was never a biology student. 

A brief introduction to the application and etc. You can check the app out more when you have the time/downloaded it!

Effectiveness: 5/5
Usefulness: 6/5

YES to download. (its amazing)

#2. Wally

As you might had guess, Wally is probably the best (and simple) virtual expense and income organizer anyone can download in their phone. I've tried countless of apps but this still suits me the best.

I usually spend the most on food ... (Personal/General are more of like savings and house allowances) so yeah, and maybe a teeny weeny on clothes? I just totally spent $100 on taobao. Yeah, this month no $$ liao.

What i love about it? Endless entries and the simple interface. No complicated stuffs or anything - just where and how you spent your moonies. & thats it. 

Effectiveness: 5/5
Usefulness: 6/5

YES to download. (it has bugs issue on my iphone 4S though)

#3. Bloglovin

used to have another app to read all the blogs that i stalk, but that app kept crashing so i changed to bloglovin. Loved it. Its super good because you get to read the entry even when the post had been taken down (i think), plus its so organized! Posts which are read are automatically placed at the bottom and greyed out. Only bad thing, for me, is that it can get a little slow and un-updated even though there were mentions of a new post being up by the blogger on twitter/facebook. But thats like within minutes so yeahhh.

If you have not figured it out, i'm extremely big on being organized and tidy.

Effectiveness: 4/5 (slow updates at times)
Usefulness: 4/5 (if you are into blogs?)

MAYBE to download. (if you have too much time on your hand)

#4. Coursera

Its an online app for you to do self learning and by the end of it, you get a certification! I'm currently on 1-2 courses which did some help for my school's assignments and for personal growth as well (lacking behind though). If you are looking at self help apps and seek to improve yourself, why not try this app?

They have a pretty huge range of different topics for users to choose from, and they have partnered up with schools such as NUS, NTU and even the Ivy League! Quite cool right. 

Effectiveness: 5/5 
Usefulness: 4/5

MAYBE to download. (if you are interested in such stuffs)

#5. Mo Gu Jie

If you are an avid taobao shopper like me, but has no idea where to shop at - this app is a good one for you to start. In a nutshell, its basically instagram for taobao and there are people whom you can follow for clothes inspirations, daily stuffs and where to buy their modeled clothes from!

Not bad lah, but sometimes its easier to go to the taobao app directly than to look through the countless of stuffs here. There are some pretty fashion-forward personalities in this app though so sometimes i do go to them for lookbook ideas. 

Effectiveness: 4/5 
Usefulness: 3/5

MAYBE to download. (if you can stand reading chinese only)


IM HOOKED ON PvZ 2. Its super fun!!!
These games are actually ranked in terms of how much i like them hahahah, but yeah basically some of the games that i would play when im bored or on the train. 

My clash of clans got dark elixir already ok, quite high level hor. But after i kept getting attacked by people, i damn angry and stopped playing lol! Too much violent LIAO.

Shades nice and got me hooked for a while until i figured out the trick /smirk
Temple Run Oz is like Temple run with 'The Oz' storyline,, and absurd chain is just some link link game which is quite nice also lah!

So this sums up a few of the 'side actors/actresses' as compared to apps like Facebook and Instagram,, and i hope you like them as much as i do if you intend to download them!

& share more games with me please! Preferably games which doesn't need wifi, like Pv2, 

Ok see ya soon!


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