Wednesday, February 4

Staycation & Zouk

It seems that i hasn't been updating real bits of my life much these days, not because i dont want to, but its because there's nothing much to update about. & is it true that as you grow older, you get lazier and lazier at broadcasting your life to the whole world to read about? Haha, it might be true for me you know. I definitely became much lazier when it comes to updating strangers of whats happening in my life. 

Its been a long while since we all gather at the same location (Singapore) and able to club (clash of schedule all the time) so this staycation aka clubbing session is pretty hard to come by. Veron joined us, and made the entire night much more interesting and fun!

We booked a hotel over at Holiday Inn and it was around $170+ for one single bed and one queen size bed. Just nice for the 6 of us, and each person paid around $32 for the hotel! Quite worth if you asked me, but they didnt have Jacuzzi and Sauna so that sucks. LOL

Headed over to Zouk after drinking game and stuffs, but made our way there safetly! (Y)
Time to apply for citibank card - free entry on saturday sia LOL. Xinni used hers and we split the remaining $ into 6 shares so we paid around $23 each for the tickets.

Ok so that day was a really boring clubbing night for me because everyone seems to have a guy and i'm alone most of the time /yawns/ I'm probably giving out the 'leave me alone' vibe but yeah, kinda sad that SJ is not alone to gallop me away into the night. LOL.

So there were people who chatted up the rest of the girls, and since Cassia had Edward around, i was pretty much alone and only looking forward to drinking shots and whatsnot. Lucky or what, some guy gave me like 4 drinking tickets so yeap, free drinks. Told the bartender to give me anything on his mind, and he served me blue lagoon and one white frizzy drink which doesnt taste as nice.

Joey came back after the guy who chatted her up apparently only wanted to 'have fun', and since the rest were nowhere to be found, we went to the dancefloor for the last 30 mins or so. 

Saw this guy with blue eyeshadow on werking it and woo hoo, damn man. Everyone formed a circle around him and clapped for him haha. I think he is gay though 8'D

The two of us were so 'un-mood' that by the last 30 mins, we started to brushed off guys by claiming that we are lesbians and totally not into guys. Managed to 'chased' two guys away and ended the night with a laugh.

Partner in crime, BFF and one of the most important gems (along with the other girls) in muah life. Love you people <3


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