Friday, February 6


Shots Bar & Brewerks

This is super overdued by i met up with the guys the other day for drinking and we went to the shots bar because it seems to be an interesting concept but we haven't had the chance to try it! Like any of us didnt manage to try it before haha.

Waited for Calvin (which took damn long) and the rest of us had a drink first. Some of the drinks not very nice lol :/ so i think you must choose properly haha!

Then, we headed to Brewerkz for beer and pizzaaaaa. Their pizza is damn good lol! 
Highly recommend (Y)

Tender Chicken

Took SJ to try this because i thought that they have amazing chicken?! LOL. Its just opposite beauty plaza and along the long stretch of food place so super convenient for westie

Soup Restaurant 

The only dish worthy of picture taking. Their samsui chicken is damn gooddd. SJ never tried before so i brought him to try also haha. I'm like his food tour guide sia, bring him here bring him there lol!

Oriole Cafe

Saw a blogger sharing and many people seem to be hyping over this cafe? Hopped over to try and i thought that it was so-so lol. Super expensive please =.= I guess the only good thing is the atmosphere and to people watch. Would be worth if you stay there the entire day. if not i think not worth the price. 

Didn't try their food, but their signature coffee tastes kinda weird.
At least to me lol.

Hoshino Coffee

Celebrated Yizhen birthday over a meal at Hifumi since all of us quite broke liao LOL. Hopped over to Hoshino Coffee afterwards for their souffle (so-so to me). Waited very long and quite expensive also lol. I guess i'm not a cafe person lah. hahaha.

Their souffle (it's ok i guess if you are an working adult with enough disposable income and craves some sweet?)

A really short episode of my foodie adventures just so because i want to clear the pictures off my computer lol. 

See ya darlings real soon :3

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  1. All the food looks so lovely!