Wednesday, February 18

Now blog theme to share ..?

Hello guys! I know i had been on a hiatus for quite some time (and even though i have absolutely no idea if anyone reads my blog on a frequent basis), i am here to kinda update and refresh the main post a little. 

CNY is round the corner (its tomorrow!), and i had been crazily shopping these days. V day just passed as well, and i would be updating on that soon! Nothing too fancy, just something simple and yet, magical :)

So before i start posting some pictures from last week, i changed my blog theme which i got from this lovely blog via wishwishwish.net (even though the layout still looks more or less the same lol), and updated some new content bits and there! Also sharing of some /whats up/ these days!

1. Mister Paperware

Mister Paperware is an online shop that SJ and i decided to have together because we are both pretty much the 'have our own business' type of people. It had been going on for quite some time already, but the only platform we are selling the products on right now is carousell.

I am still trying very hard not to procrastinate but i am currently picking up a new photography faze - flatlays. 

They are possibly the prettiest thing to be invented and i'm currently on Pinterest (top bar for my account!) on figuring the different ways i can bring out the best in these paper products. 

It would really mean a lot if you guys can like us over on Facebook  and Instagram ! It would mean a lot to us, and i promise i would churn out more stuffs this Feb ok! <3

2. Meeting Mayo

School has started, and assignments are rolling out one by one as well (assignment due-date on next thursday! Talk about a tight deadline aka chinese new year rush). I went over to Cherlyn's house in an attempt to do our assignment together and also to meet Mayo!

Presenting Mayo ...

Isn't she absolutely adorable!? She's a Maltese and incredibly small and fluffy, Super cute and have an extremely friendly temperament. Crazily in love with her and all her cute antics! <3

& so, we ended up doing these things aka camwhore, instead of focusing on our assignments. 8'D BUT ITS OK. ... I guess? :>

3. Pre Valentines Dinner w/Joey

Include loads of gossiping, bimbotic giggles, camwhores, bad pictures, oogling at cute guys and most importantly, judging girls and their Valentines date. 

Life's good with all these awesome people.

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