Friday, February 20

Minds cafe w/ the girls

Hopped over to NUS for a mini studying session with Joey, which was around 50% productive since we did spend a considerably bit of timing goofing around and ogling at potential cute guys over at Utown's Starbucks. 

I guess we are at the age whereby we need to feed our eyes with eye candies and act bimbo-listic whenever we talk about guys and their looks.

6 more days to the submission of my first assignment. Much angst. 

Bus ride to town and as usual, much selfie and ended up being late for the meeting because we walked all the way from bugis to prinsep street and that took us around 15 mins?

Didnt take much pictures inside minds cafe but i really love this place after Violet introduced me to this place and the world of boardgames. Am currently addicted to Munchkin, Betrayal and Cassia introduced the game Bang! to us  - which was definitely a super fun game but since all of us are pretty close to each other, we kinda know who's who even before the game hahaha.

MRT selfie like always.

Cant believe that Cassia is heading back to Aussie in another 6 more days.
Gonna miss that lass so much.


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