Tuesday, February 24

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Fifty Shades of Grey

I guess many people would expect pretty loads from this movie given the fact that so many people raved and talked about the book when it came out. To be honest, i was pretty excited about this movie as well because i read the first half of the book and it was definitely something different from my usual cuppa of tea. 

Dragged SJ to watch this movie with me and he was apparently,,, bored LOL. He told me it was akin to soft porn for him, but was slighted amused at the things which girls think its hot and sexy. & turned on. It was my first R21 movie and even though i really, really had high hopes for this movie, i felt that it would be better off if you read the books. You can understand and know what Anastasia is thinking in the book but in the movie, you cant hear thoughts. So much of it was up to the actress to depict it out in a non verbal way, but i guess some thoughts are just not easy to portray?

There were tons of hype - both good and bad over on facebook when the movie first came out. It IS definitely not a good feeling to be treated as a toy/sex slave/object by the main actor plot-wise, but really, just watch for the visuals. I reckon that the plot is still weak at this point and the ending was kinda bad, but there were some hot scenes so yeah man. LOL!

Rating: 3/5 

The movie was cruising really slow though :( 

Triumph in the sky

I didn't really expect myself to watch this show but i went along with it when the others came to my ahma house and we had dinner afterwards.
But its good.

Its technically three stories on three pairs of couples and they just happen to be involved in the aviation industry. No link to aeroplanes or whatsoever LOL.


But cheesy works. On girls at least. I was gushing at some of the scenes because the guy was so so sweet and some scenes were really aww-worthy. Even SJ, who probably was wtf at the beginning when we wanted to watch this movie, commented that it was good after the entire thing ended.

Rating: 4/5
Aww factor: 5/5

Not a bad watch if you are single/romantic!

Decided to watch this movie with SJ the other day to see whats all the woo haa. I think its a nice movie overall and it explored a little on Lobang King's own family issues which was a nice touch. I felt that he really can act sia LOL. 

Got a little insight on whats up with the training and stuffs, which was nice and good. Its a very Singaporean show which all its singlish and jokes made that is truly SG.

Rating: 4/5

Definitely better than The Lion Men which can be literally translated to The Product Placement Men lol.

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