Wednesday, February 25

CNY Celebration 2015

My CNY is not as visual as i would like it to be this year. I decided not to succumb in the #OOTD trend, but decided to focus more on enjoying the festive season to the fullest. It was a long weekend and i really forsaken all my assignments to fully enjoy the holiday (regretting now).

With mum and sis - on our way to my ahma's place.

Picture with cousin Steph. The both of us practically grew up together and were very close to each other. Some stuffs happened though and we drifted apart some years back, but now we are kinda getting closer again. I guess age really changes you. You tend to be more open minded and starts to treasure bonds over minute differences. 

The lighting very good at my ahma house LOL.

With mummy and we took LRT to my nai nai's house to bai nian.
Missing SJ this cny because he returned to Malaysia to visit his father's family and relatives. Kinda sad that he is not around to accompany me for house visits, but lucky it was a simple 2D1N trip for him so yeah, got to see him the next day!

Everyone's fave pair this festive season lol! 
Too bad i dont have blackjack luck at all and kept losing money on Sunday :(

Invited everyone to my ahma house for gambling rendezvous on Sunday!
Missing Joey who's in Aussie for holiday

Before you start commenting on how possessive i look in this picture ... it was because Veron said that we were not close enough!! LOL

So mine very close liao right, i jitao hug SJ leh hahahahaha

Went to watch movie (Triumph in Sky) and had dinner with all of them after the house visit. Its been a really long time since i went out with such a huge bunch of friends and i really, really miss the feeling of huge group outings, laughing and having dinner together.

CNY had been good and awesome for me, and i hope it did for you as well!

Back to assignments again then!

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