Wednesday, January 7

Round-up of the week

Hi Hi! 

I know i had been on a hiatus after my previous post which left a bit of bitterness on this little space. I wanted to have a very first 2015 post which smells of excitement and a twist of novelty, but really, my life had been nothing more than a flicker of flame. 

Nevertheless, these are some of the things which i had done over the week ; pictures mostly unedited because i am lazy. 

Clubbing @ Zouk

Impromptu session with the girls, Gen, ZC, Chen, SJ, Chris, Adrian & Percy

Look at my Alice in wonderland's nails glowing (and breaking one by one FML)

I probably look drunk over here but no i'm super sober ok! The pictures are pretty dark and all but it was a super fun clubbing session haha. Everyone was really into it, and these two girls (Cassia and Xinni) were all high and dancing like crazy, which really added on to the fun factor haha

Bentley's birthday celebration

I bought a monopod (finally gave in to the temptation lol) and played around with it when we are preparing to head over to my aunt's place

& then over at my aunt's place. All the pictures quality super cui, hahaha
Especially in love with this one because my grandmother had a really hearty laugh lol!

This lazy girl who doesn't want to go home after her walk

Amped Jurong

I never knew that jumping would be so .. fun. When Xinni asked us along, i was kinda skeptical on spending $10 jumping my lungs out. I mean, i can jump at home also what. Why must pay money to jump?!

But i was wrong cuz there's something fun about jumping so high and with friends. It was also refreshing to finally move my body after a really, really long hiatus from exercising HAHA

Urm, so this is how i look like with nothing except double eyelid sticker and contact lens LOL. I did my eyelash extension in Bangkok so yeah, i think it kinda upped my confidence to bun everything up and head out with such a naked face.

K session over at Teo Heng afterwards! $5 per person, cheapcheap

& that's basically what happened over the week! I'm missing Junli terribly but she's coming back on the 15th so that's not too long from now. Dear friend, if you reading this, know that i'm missing you loads lol. Faster come back from TW thanks.

I would also be continuing the Bangkok travelogue insight for peeps who are visiting the land of smiles soon, but at the same time, thanks for reading!


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