Wednesday, December 31

Last post of 2014

So i guess its time to bid 2014 goodbye. There's so many end of year summaries and reflections popping out that i kinda got tempted into doing it as well.

I remembered feeling that with each year, it's a fresh start. It's a brand new book (or so it would be since i always buy a new schedule book for each year) and what's on it would be different from what's on my previous book.

But the thing is, it's not really that isn't it?

I wished for a better 2014, but 2014 still had its own ups and downs.
I wished for a better 2013 then, and still, 2013 was shitty, but good at some parts.

I think, the thing is that each year is going to be shitty.
Each year, regardless of how much you wish it would be better, would still have its own shit to offer.

For me, it's not about 'hoping it would be better' anymore, it's more about 'learning that there's always going to be something there to bring you down'

So there's really no need for new year resolutions or new year wish because you all know it's not going to happen (maybe not for the former if you adhered to it strictly)

I read 'Tuesday with Morrie' some time last year, and it mentioned that it's good to recognize emotions. Recognize what you are feeling - angry, or sad, and let it go. Let it slide. 
Don't hold on to that emotion because it's not going to do you any good, even if its 'happiness',  because it would fade as times goes by, just like any other emotions.

Ok, much emo-ness for a new year post, but i figured that if i were to type another long ass entry with things like 


or stuffs like that, i'm just going to feel even shitt-ier if things goes bad (which definitely would because life can never suddenly be good just because you wish it would be good) so i might as well acknowledge the fact that its only normal to meet with good and bad experiences, and look at it positively ... right?

Sometimes even i don't get my own logic haha

This year,

I had a huge disagreement with SJ
I lost a friend
I decided to invest lesser time and money into cosplay
I started school
I realized that there are people who would take advantage of your goodwill
and lots more.

but with each bad experience, i gained a new learning experience so its kinda like a lose > win situation. 

And good things happened too, like a holiday with SJ, getting lots of freebies from samplestore, deciding to plunge into the online business passion once again (this time with SJ), and lots of bonding session (be it good or bad) with my family and friends

So you know, even though 2015 is going to offer its own share of shit to me, i'm still going to look at it and invite her into my life.

Because you know, i kinda have to and its always better to embrace it than to run away from it. 

Happy 2015 to everyone :)

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