Thursday, January 8

Bangkok - Shopping Edition

Back with the second installment on the shopping edition over at Bangkok! Not really sure if anyone read these travelogues but ohwells, i'm just going to write for memory sake i guess. 

I went to numerous places during my 5 days trip and i really love the night market culture Bangkok has all over its streets!

1. Victory Monument
Easily my favorite place to shop over at Bangkok. It has loads of stalls (the picture below was taken from the BTS hence it seems like its really little) and the best thing?


I bought this high waist skirt for only 120 - 150 baht when i saw these pieces selling for 300 baht over at other place. The quality is really good too, and i kinda regretted not buying another color along as well

The have loads of clothes going at 100 - 200 baht, and i also bought two pairs of sneakers (which i recently saw being sold on certain blogshops) for 120 baht! But apparently i saw the same pieces for 100 baht, but alas.

Some of the images which i grabbed from the internet
This place doesn't have loads of tourists so i'm assuming its somewhere which is frequent by locals instead of foreigners? I hopped over to the area at around 7 pm and it was bustling with activities already!

Nearest BTS: Victory Monument
Opening hours: 6pm - late

2. Platinum Wholesale Market
Not new to peeps who research before heading over to Bangkok for shopping. The Platinum wholesale market is where stall owners wake up real early to get clothes for their stalls (mostly over at Platinum Mall).

I went over at 5am and there were already quite some people shopping around at that area. But to be honest, the designs weren't really to my liking. I find myself looking all over the place because i was really hoping to find a good buy, but :(

Nevertheless, i bought high waist skirts as well as some basic dresses for around 100 - 150 baht. I would say that the prices are pretty cheap in comparison to places like Platinum Mall, but the designs are definitely much more limited. 

3. Platinum Morning Market (no need wake up so early)
You know how the streets over at the Platinum Wantan Mee, beside Amari Watergate Hotel? They have these stalls which sells lots of clothes? I am not too sure about the opening hours, but boy, the have some good stuffs.

It's just like Bugis Street, but with vendors walking around to attend to your hunger and thirst, and cheaper clothes. It can get a little squeezy though so be careful of your personal belonging and so on.

4. Siam Square (Soi Streets)
I was so upset that i did not discovered this place earlier during my trip! By the time i know about this place, it was already my last day and it closes at 8pm!!

They have these really cool boutique stores around and its actually all pretty affordable! I bought 3 pieces of dresses (think blogshop quality) for 200 baht each, which was a good $8 only.


SJ went MAD here. He loves this place so so much. I regretted not having enough time to explore around because of the short opening hours, but i'm definitely visiting this place the next time i'm back at Bangkok again!

5. Terminal 21
Not much pictures over at this place, but they have Mr Jones Orphanage cafe so that's a bonus! The things they sell over here at much pricey but the quality is good. It also has many interesting architecture for the OOTD lovers and photos goers to check out.

All in all, the prices are about the same as the neighborhood shopping malls over in SG, or maybe even pricier depending on the items you are purchasing. 

Places which i wouldn't recommend / heard that it's not good

1. Platinum Mall - overpriced stuffs
2. MBK - overpriced and flooded with tourists
3. Union Mall - heard its not nice at all

I guess that's all for the shopping places you can check out if you are over at BKK!
Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!

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